Sep 6, 2007

Yeah, I'm cheating...

Okay, so I'm cheating by creating a new post instead of adding to my "Older than dirt" post, but I didn't want my ruminations to get lost in the ether, should one of you not care to wade through the little quiz below... :-)

I discovered (was told, actually) that the K-12 DL Portal was being nominated for a Technical Service Award in Distance Learning for the Arkansas DL Association! How cool is that!? I'll let you know after the conference (it is at the end of Sept) how we did, but just the fact that we have been nominated is excellent news in my book! I don't do it for the recognition, of course, but it is nice to know that people are noticing and see the site for the good it is doing in the state!

I went to a school district today in order to help nail down the runs and color schemes of fiber throughout the campus. Most of the work had already been done by the guys working on the project, but I went as a favor to the principal to see for myself where things stood. They have fiber running everywhere, connecting various buildings (or simply passing through buildings on its way to other buildings) in order to provide data and video services to their students and teachers. Frankly, I had a hard time wrapping my head around some of the paths the fiber had to take in order to get from point A to point B. Good thing I was just the 'tag along...' :-)

Shan wanted to work late in her room at school, so I picked up the kiddos and we came back for supper. I cooked (shocker, I know). One of the things I love to make is Philly Cheese steak sandwiches. I played with my "recipe" a bit tonight, and loved the results! The kids weren't thrilled, but that has more to do with the taste I guess. I was surprised that Emily didn't eat it all up, since it *IS* steak, which is her favorite thing in the world right now... Ah well... They ended up having mac-n-cheese... Shan ate hers when she got in from school!

A while ago, Shan's Mom brought a portable hard drive to me that had been written off the inventory of where she worked. It sat in a box forever, so tonight I decided to hook it up to the kids' computer and run the Western Digital disk tools on it, which allows me to do a disk-to-disk copy of their current hard drive. Considering they had a 20GB hard drive that was about 90% full, it is a SLOW process... The new drive is 80GB, which gives them plenty of room to install games.

Hmm, as I write this, I suddenly heard what I thought was a hard drive spinning down. I'm not sure if it came from my computer to the kids (which has been copying data for quite some time now). The kids' computer is up to 52% as I write this. Luckily, even if the copy fails and the drive turns out bad, they will still have their original data... And, even if THAT fails, we would just reinstall everything from scratch. That's what's so nice about the kiddos having their OWN computer! :-)

I'll keep you updated on the drive's status later...

I've really been enjoying the "Pack-A-Day" site. I can live vicariously through someone else spending money and opening packs of cards... :-) Of course, the trouble is, it gives me the itch to buy packs of cards to open.... :-) Luckily, I had ordered a bunch of cards online and they have been coming in, so I get to open "mini packs" I suppose... :-)

A friend of mine asked if I thought about getting a cover for the bed of my truck. I have thought about it, lots of times! :-) I will either save up money for one, or I will ask for one for Christmas and everyone (or as many as needed) can pitch in and get one. I haven't priced one out recently, but the nice ones that match the color of the truck are a little more pricey... :-)

Out the window.... That's where my latest thought went... Oh well, I suppose I shall go with it... Adios!

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