Sep 5, 2007

And the rains continue

We woke this morning to the sound of rain and thunder with flashes of lightning. I had vision of the bed of my truck filling with water. Before getting a bed liner, I never thought twice about the rain. Now, I get borderline obsessed about it. Not in the "Don't you rust out my bed!" kind of way, but in a "Sure hope the water runs out before I have to haul something" way. Normally, this would make no sense - and often does not. However, this morning, I knew I had an errand to run. My Father-in-Law had asked me to stop by the feed store after work to pick up a few hundred pounds of stuff. It's funny that things don't sound like much when expressed one way, yet sound like a whole lot when done so in another way. For example, 4 large range blocks, 4 bags of sweet feed, and 2 bags of range cubes does not sound like a lot to me. Turns out to be just about 400 pounds. Okay, not a lot in the life of a farmer, but I did not want the rain to keep me from my chore... :-)

I did make the mistake of leaving the tailgate down during the night, though. When I raised it up, water poured of it from under the liner. That did give me that, "Please don't rust out my tailgate" feeling. But, it is a situation easily remedied! :-)

Today, I dialed into the Baseball Hall of Fame with the video system at the school that will be interacting with them next week. Since it was a test call, about the "coolest" part was the BBHOF logo in the lower corner, like one of those networks bugs you see on TV. I was hoping the test would take place in the actual room where the lesson would be taught, but after the test, I realized how silly that was of me to think. I'll have to save my "oohs" and "ahhs" for later.

In the "other duties as assigned" category, I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and got stopped by my boss. The following is a very close estimate to the conversation which took place:

She (standing at the door to the ladies' room): "Oh, good! I was hoping you or John might be happening by here!"

Me: "Oh? Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

She (laughing deviously): "I know this is not your job, but do you think you could grab a ladder, I think there's one down the hall in the other restroom, bring it up here and change out the light bulbs in the ladies room?"

Me: "Uhhh... As long as someone stands guard..."

Now, I don't know much about changing out fluorescent bulbs. I know you have to twist them and turn them, and I seem to recall something about not touching the bulb. One thing I did not count on was the fact that the bulbs in place were about half the diameter as the ones we were trying to put in there. I finally gave up and settled on two big ones per ballast. Naturally, women would come in and just about be in a stall before realizing there was a ladder in the restroom, and more importantly, there was a MAN in the ladies restroom. Oh, I did forget to mention that the Director told me not to be peeking over the stalls, and a man in the hall reminded me not to write my name on the wall (I am presuming he means with a certain part of my anatomy, though he may have meant with a Sharpie). In any case, my first thought was, "What kind of person do these people think I am!?" Which was immediately followed by the thought, "And, why did they take away all my fun!?" LOL

I brought light to the ladies room, and everyone was happy again... Yet another thing to be added to my resume' - *Changed light bulbs in ladies restroom.

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