Nov 28, 2015

Spending a rainy day in Texarkana, USA

We had a fun, rainy day today! 

Went to Texarkana to get Emily some new specs. 

Went to Target so I could get a rain jacket, then to the mall so Shan could get make-up. 

Had lunch at Roadhouse then went on a "culinary" shopping spree: 

Pop Pop Shop for some white chocolate-covered popcorn,

Smallcakes for some cupcakes (that we ate later in a 'cupcake wars' style tasting),

and then to Orange Leaf for ice cream.

Oh yeah, stopped at Walmart for wipers to put on Tyler's car Sunday and for the stuff to to do the shower doors. It rained the whole time. 

There was an accident on I-30 that was still blocking traffic after more than 2 hours, so we ditched the road at Emmet and still managed to get to Sonic for Happy Hour! Wahoo!! Hahaha, what a rainy day! 

Why am I telling you all this? Because it popped in my head.