May 14, 2013

Proud - Because I really never played.

I am VERY proud of both of my kids because they do things I rarely did. Tonight was a great example: sports.

Now, before I get too far, let me say that I played basketball in 5th and 6th grade. Rather, I was on the team. I am not sure it qualifies in any sense as me "playing." Likewise, I played soccer for a year or so when I was younger. I had a coach that decided to practice us in full uniform inside on the gym floor. A few days later, my knee was messed up and it stayed that way. So, I have participated in sports, but I would never claim to have played them.

Tonight, my son received three awards: his Letterman's jacket, Most Improved Baseball player, and All-District Honorable mention. That blows my mind. He played baseball from the time he was 4 or 5 and stuck with it until 9th Grade. He sat out for two years and then, as a Junior, decided to give it another whirl. This season, he found his rhythm - turning TWO unassisted double plays, making some flat-out crazy catches in foul territory along the first base line, and showing a vastly improved hitting percentage.

My daughter has been steadily improving in each of her chosen sports, too. She is on a competition cheer squad and gets better and better every practice. She also plays softball, and tonight while her mother and I were at my son's awards banquet, she scored at least three times, had a 2-run RBI with bases loaded, and made a 3rd out plat at third base (each of these feats were relayed to us by her grandmother who helped us out by going to the game while we attended the ceremony).

I am very proud of my kiddos for stepping out of their comfort zones to try things out. I am very proud of them for sticking with sports, any sports, as way to build a team spirit, working with others, and get some exercise in the process.

I thank my God every day for my children. Some nights that seems harder to do than others. But, on nights like tonight, I give Him all the praise, glory and honor. Because we ALL know their father had little to do with their sporting accomplishments!


May 8, 2013

Letter from HSU Alumni re: Dr. Dunn Funeral Services

Earlier today (Wednesday), I received the following email. I am sharing it here for anyone that knew Dr. Dunn. He will be missed.

Hello Reddies and Friends,
The last few days have been quite somber as we mourned the loss of our beloved 14th President, Dr. Charles DeWitt Dunn.  As mentioned in a previous email, Dr. Dunn was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about a year ago.  Dr. Dunn passed away on Sunday, May 5th.
I have heard many times, the stories of how Dr. Dunn touched the lives of our students on a personal level.  He knew their names, he asked about their families and he continually encouraged them.  I have also been told that he dropped by dorm rooms following ball games, just to chat.  The comments from Reddies and friends, during and since the Run for Dunn, reiterated the common thread woven throughout the tenure of Dr. Dunn- he was dearly loved by our students who are now alumni as well as the students he was teaching just prior to his illness; he garnered respect and admiration from those he hired, mentored and befriended.  Other alumni who were students on campus prior to Dr. Dunn’s presidency  have also shared heartwarming stories over the years, of a president who reached out and connected with them as well.  Charles DeWitt Dunn left his mark, and for many, it is an indelible mark on our hearts.
I respectfully ask that you remember Dr. Dunn’s widow, Dr. Jane Dunn, throughout this sorrowful time.  During what must surely be the most difficult time of her life, she comforted me.  She is a strong woman who will survive losing the love of her life, but she will certainly fare better knowing all Reddies are remembering her and standing beside her, whether it be physically, or in spirit, Reddie Spirit.  I also ask that you remember Dr. Dunn’s father, Charles Dunn and Dr. Dunn’s children, their spouses and his grandchildren.

You are welcome to view the live webcast of the memorial service which will be available approximately 15 minutes prior to the memorial on Thursday.
Webcast Memorial for Dr. Charles D. Dunn
Visitation: Wednesday, May 8, 6:00 pm
Ruggles Wilcox Funeral Home
517 Clay Street

Memorial Service: Thursday, May 9, 1:00 pm
Arkansas Hall, HSU Campus
Reddie Rides and vans will be shuttling our guests to and from Arkansas Hall from the parking lot behind Arkansas Hall as well as the lots near Smith Dorm and the BCM.

Memorials may be made to the Dr. Charles D. Dunn Scholarship in care of the HSU Foundation
HSU Box 7550
Arkadelphia, AR  71999
In Reddie Spirit,
Sherry Wright
Alumni Coordinator
Henderson State University

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