Aug 30, 2006

Bathroom Fixtures....

Okay, yes, today's topic is bathroom fixtures... No reason, just popped in my head... The one faucet I would really like to have is one I saw a long time ago, and I don't even know if they make it anymore... It had an open 'top' where you could see the water flow across the spigot and then free fall down into the sink... It was kinda U-shaped, i guess... Anyway, I always that was cool... :-)

I didn't get to do any riding today. Got back around 5:30 or so from Camden after a day of installing the latest firmware updates to a school's Goya.... LOL - for those that have no idea what I'm talking about - I helped upgrade their video conferencing system... Then, we (I went with the DL Coordinator from that Co-op) stopped at another site and, after a bit of cable hunting, were able to make their rear camera respond to the remote control... One way (not recommended!) to get anything to respond to a remote control is to WHACK the 'anything' WITH the remote.... Did I mention, this is NOT highly recommended? :-)

After we got back to the co-op, we figured out what the blankety-blank was wrong with their VCR/DVD Recorder that it wouldn't record! Well, it records now (See "getting anything to respond with a remote control" above.. LOL)!!!

I visited with friends and ex-coworkers for a bit, then headed home to find my mother leading Daisy out for a late afternoon stroll... :-) I stopped to pet her (Daisy, not my mother!) and came inside to work on my LAST DAY of PBS TeacherLine training... :-) I also checked my eTopps portfolio (yes, I only have one, thank you!) and make a few trades... Oh, I ate somewhere in there before figuring out the whole Groupwise/Outlook calendar thing (See Below), then logged in to tell the world about the bathroom fixture I want... LOL... What a night!

Before I go, I was working at the Co-op where I used to work and they asked me if I could help them get their Groupwise calendars into Outlook, because they use Groupwise but various other entities use Outlook and they need to share calendars, etc... Well, getting it out of Groupwise was easy (once they showed but getting INTO Outlook was another story... But, here are the steps, just in case someone ever asks you... :-)

Here are the steps to take when creating a calendar that you want to import into Outlook from Groupwise:

  • Right-click on the calendar folder in Groupwise
  • Export the calendar as a vCalendar file (.ics)
  • Remember where you saved the file!
  • Open the file in notepad:
    ---Start, Run, type NOTEPAD and press OK
    ---in Notepad, FILE, OPEN, change "Files of Type" to "All Files (*.*)"
    ---Click the drop-down next to "Look In:" at top of window
    ---Locate your .ics file (Where did you save it?)
  • Once the file is opened in notepad, LOCATE the line that reads "VERSION:2.0"
    ---This should be about the 2nd line down from top
  • Move your cursor to the line IMMEDIATELY BELOW the "VERSION:2.0" line
  • Type the following text: METHOD:PUBLISH
    ---this should push the text currently on that line to the right, that's okay!
  • Press ENTER
    ---Now the "METHOD:PUBLISH" should appear on its own line immediately below "VERSION:2.0"
  • Click FILE, then SAVE
  • Close Notepad


  • Open Outlook
  • Choose "Import an iCalendar or vCalendar file"
  • Click NEXT
  • Browse to find your save .ics file (Where did you save it?)
  • DOUBLE CLICK your .ics file!

That should bring your calendar items into Outlook! :-)

If you are emailing the ics file to someone, please also send them the "How to Bring the File Into Outlook" section with your message, as they will need to know how to do this.... (You may wish to remind them to SAVE the ics file to their computer first...)

Aug 29, 2006 Shuffle Roster Update

Oh yeah (speaking of 'popped in my head'), the roster update for the Shuffle game is NOT on the MLB website, as the game says! It is on the site for the company that MAKES the game - Sandcastle Games....

Just go here: and find the updates. RIGHT-click on the link for the month and OPEN/RUN the file and install the update!

For the record, the highest value I have had one pplayer was a bit over 14000 points. The most players from the same team I've had on the field at a time is six... I still have yet to break the 200,000 point mark.. :-) And, Emily, yes EMILY was in the Top 5 list on my computer from the first day she played the game. Yesterday, I ended up kicking her down to 6th...

(Yes, I am posting this from work, but I am waiting to start moving some equipment, so it's okay.... LOL)

Boating... And Stuff...

So, Tyler is an official "safe" boater... Since their school construction is still underway, they've had some interesting classes, one of which is taking the Arkansas Boater's Safety class... He passed with flying colors. So now, he is the only one in the family that knows all the rules and regs for boating....

Did I mention.... We don't OWN a boat!!?? :-) Oh well, next time we rent one or go out with someone that DOES have a boat, well, he'll know what's going on... :-)

I watched the Little League World Championship yesterday (Mon) and Georgia beat Japan! They showed one of the US players crying his eyes out - he looked like someone had just told him dog died, really... The reporter asked him how he felt, and said, "I'm just so happy!" I mean, you know he was, but his face and his appearance told you a different story. It was funny, sad, and poignant all in one moment.

We also spent much of the evening watching an rerun of the $100,000 Americas Funniest Videos finals... As Larry the Cable Guy would say, "I don't care who you are, that's funny right there." Of course, the winner wasn't who we would have picked... The funniest one of the night, to me, was two little girls sitting and playing in a bubble bath. The older girl decides she wants to sticker head under the water in the bubble. About the time she get her face in there, the little girl turn and excitedly reports she just went "pee-pee" in the water! Of course, her sister has no idea since she is under water! When she comes up, the parents are laughing and the poor girl is clueless.... Great stuff!! :-) Remins me of the time when I was MUCH younger... Let me just say that my brother and I... 'flavored' a glass of lemonade and offered it to a friend of ours.... He said it was the best lemonade ever... We laughed about it for days.... Well, after we got over the beating we took for it... :-) Ahh... To be tweleve again, huh? (I told you, this stuff just pops in my head!)

As kids still say (yet they have no idea what it means), "See ya on the flip-side!" (Incidentally, so far as I know, that is a reference to these things called records, LPs, 45s... The 'flip-side' was the back side of a record (usually a 45). Of course, 'flip-side' could refer to anything that has two sides - coins, pancakes, baseball cards...whatever... LOL)

Aug 27, 2006

Pictures - Finally! :-)

Okay, I have been off here for a few days now.. Mainly working through my TeacherLine course through PBS, watching the RRO on eTopps come and go (I missed it... But that's okay, I am having fun trading my cards for other cards anyway!). I also got to spend a lot of time with Daisy...

So, to play a little catch up here: I had predicted the RRO to come out Friday evening. Instead, it came out at 11:00a on Saturday. At that time, I had been out to feed Daisy, and then I got Tyler's bike (Tyler is my son) fixed to where he could ride it. So, I missed the RRO to be with my kiddos - as I told the folks on the eTopps boards - I believe I won that trade-off! :-)

So, Thursday and Friday, Emily spent the day with me at work again. She was the hit of the day with my co-workers! Of course, that meant having no time to pop in here and update my blog, but that's okay, too.. :-)

Saturday, like I said, I fixed Tyler's bike. Late in the afternoon, we got Daisy out and everyone took turns riding her. I took her out into the cow pasture and rode her around, including making her climb a few steeper areas - mainly to see how she would react to the different terrain. She did great! :-) I still have to work on making her run faster... That is more my own issue than hers... I haven't mastered the whole 'rhythm' thing when riding at faster speeds... :-)

After we all rode for a couple hours and then Emily and I gave Daisy a bath. She loved the cool water and never flinched as I sprayed her off and washed her down. She was pretty dirty so i have no idea when the last time she had been bathed! After that, Emily and I fed turned her out and fed her, then refilled her water tub.

Today (Sunday), we gave Daisy a break since we rode her pretty hard yesterday between all of us that rode (Me, Emily, Shan, Shan's Mom, Shan's Dad, Shan's Sister and Brother-in-Law). Plus, the weather here has been thundering with some lightning... Tonight, it is raining some...

I finally have pictures to post of Daisy.. :-) Let's see if I can post these pictures correctly....

Aug 23, 2006

Where Did The Days Go?

Well, I missed posting yesterday... Not that I am going to post every day, but still...

Tuesday was busy! I spent the day with my daughter at work again. The phone rang off the hook and we spent a lot of time traveling to one school, back to the office, back to that school, back to the office.... You get the idea...

I have an idea as to when the next RRO will be out for eTopps. I did not come up with the system myself... I just think I figured out which day it is this week based on clues left by other etoppers... :-) I guess we'll see if I understand the clues or not... I should just post when I think it will be.. I'm pretty sure none of my etopps buddies are reading this, since they don't know who I am... LOL.. So, I'll just say it - Friday between 5 and 6 CST...

Tuesday night I helped out with an after-hours videoconference held across the state... I was told to go home at 7:30 and my boss(es) took over for me, which was very considerate!!

Tonight (Wednesday), I got to the house, ate supper and my daughter and I fed Daisy. After a little while, we got her tacked out and I rode Daisy for a little while before my baby girl got on her. She rode for a while, decided to go play for a bit with her brother, and then she got back on Daisy. I led them around for a while, and I think Daisy is still getting used to being ridden after such a long time of just hanging out in a pasture... LOL, I make it sound so easy... Okay, remember, I AM A TECHIE! So, I am still learning and remembering how to saddle up the horse. I mean, okay, it's not brain surgery, I know... But, it's been a couple years since I rode more often, and back then I did not tack my own horse...

Okay, I'll stop using the 'techie' crutch, too... There are several techs I know that have horses... It's just new for me, that's all... I'll get the hang of it, and then I'm sure I'll be riding Daisy every day I can for longer periods, and today i got her to give me a little speed, which was nice... She's not shod, so I'm not pushing her too hard since I dont want to hurt the poor girl!! :-)

I guess I'm done writing a book here.... See ya next time - Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel...or something like that.....

Aug 21, 2006

Is Monday Over Yet?

School started for most of the kids in Arkansas today... Of course, my 4 year old starts NEXT week.. So, I figured I could take her to work with me... Okay, what part of "Hey, I should take her to work the first week of school" jumped out as the greatest idea ever??

Don't get me wrong! I love my baby girl and it has been fun having her there at work... But, she has the attention span of..well.. a four year old... Five minutes max, ten if you're lucky, and when she played with her Polly Pocket stuff for 30 minutes, I had to check to make sure she was still breathing! :-)

The biggest plus of having her with me is the fact that she now knows what I do... She usually tells people that I am a 'worker.' In her little world, I go to WORK, therefore, I am a WORKER.. :-) Very cute! But, today she got to go with me to the half dozen or so schools I had to visit in a short 8-hour span! :-) Now she says I fix TV's so people can see themselves and I work on computers... Close enough! :-)

Of course everyone oohed and aahed over her.. :-) And they all said the same thing: "she's a cutie! She must take after her mother...." Yeesh, thanks a lot... :-) Though I admit, she looks more like her mother than she looks like me... Our son looks a lot like me, so that's fair by me... :-)

After work, I took my daughter to the farm store and bought horse feed, a bright PINK bucket and a blue tie rope for the bucket... It was raining, so the 100 pounds of feed went into the back seat of my truck... Yes, my truck has the sweet smell of horse feed now... :-) I am not being a smart-alec here... I happen to love the smell.. Dunno why... When we got home, we chased Daisy all over the place until we could lead her to her feeding trough... We're pretty sure she'll come on her own next time, since she LOVED the sweet-feed... :-)

My daughter wanted to ride, but it was still raining, so no riding today... Hopefully it wont rain tomorrow, and she'll be able to ride with her grandfather (I am working late Tuesday night)...

We took pictures of the horse and riding etc yesterday, so I'll get those posted at some point... :-) Yeah, I know, I still have to post pics of the truck... Which I could do now... Hmmmm.... Well, no I can't - DUH, that camera isn't here where I am right now.... If I think about it Tuesday, I'll post them... :-)

Aug 20, 2006

I'm a TECHIE....

My daughter's grandfather (my father-in-law) got a horse today (Sunday). He and I spent the day putting up a fence and a gate and riding the horse a little.... Okay, if you are reading this and you are not in Arkansas, you may not know that it was 100+ degrees today! Now, for a good ol' boy, maybe that's not a big deal... I am a transplanted Yankee who works in his office, and sits at a desk for most of the day! I am a TECHIE, for crying out loud! When my father-in-law handed me the barb wire pliers, I knew I was in trouble! Okay, for the record, yes, I can change a fog lamp without looking, and I can 'mend fence' now.... As George Jones would say, I'm a High-Tech Redneck... LOL, literally, as a matter of fact....

I am a lobster (in multiple ways, in fact)... At least I was smart enough to put my AT&T ballcap on, and I did grab a bottle of water at some point (it is all something of a blur now)...

OH, DUH! The horse's name is........(drum roll......)..... DAISY! :-) She is a Thoroughbred - a retired racehorse, in fact... I'll get more details, I'm sure! And, of course, we can't beat the price... though, what's the saying about looking a gift horse in the mouth? Hmmm....

So, I am red, dead tired, and I learned something new today... Not bad for a city-boy... (Now, where are my baseball cards, apple pie and Dodge Ram? You thought I was gonna say Chevrolet, didn't you? LOL)

I think I had something else I was going to say tonight, but I am wiped out, so I'lljust say good night, Gracie.... Good Night, Gracie! (For those too young to know, that was an old George Burns bit... George Burns was one of the funniest men to ever live... Google Him...)

Ace of Cakes

So, have you seen Ace of cakes on the Food Network? It's about a cake shop in Baltimore that makes some REALLY cool cakes (a Jeep, German Shepherd, etc). I bet the cakes cost a fortune, but it would be worth it! The head guy even made a cake of Wrigley Field once! How cool is that?? Of course, I'd hate to eat the thing... LOL, maybe I could get a Deep Blue 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab with custom decaling made into a cake... LOL...

Some of you know the Indians are my favorite team of all time... Well, Travis Haefner is kicking serious butt! :-) Of course, he'll end up somewhere else in the next couple years, since the Indians are really the leading farm team for the MLB.. :-( They should be really good again in about 2-4 years if they would stick with guys and build a team like they had in the late 90's.... Oh well... I love the Tribe anyway! :-)

Aug 17, 2006

The latest RRO and stuff...

Well, I was online when the Kendrick RRO on eTopps opened up! :-) I grabbed 3, should have gone for 5 probably, but that's okay... I figure I'll sell one right off, then hold the other two... I am mainly a collector, more than trying to make money... It was fun being on when the RRO came through though.. :-) Of course, a lot of folks are hoping it will be like the Drew card and have a low print run and high demand... Hard to say right now... Guess we'll see...

I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 HEMI, Midnight Blue (I'll post pics at some point). Anyway, being the non-mechanic I am, I decided to replace a busted fog lamp myself... I did it 'blind,' in that I did not jack up the truck nor did I remove the wheel-well cover before I started... I did mention that I am NOT mechanically inclined, right? :-) Anyway, the part that took the longest was figuring out which blankety-blank socket to use! (Turns out 10mm!) I'm not saying it was easy to change out the lamp without ever looking at what I was doing, but it wasn't rocket science either... :-) The key is that my truck looks much better with two functional fog lamps! :-)

Aug 16, 2006 Shuffle and other stuff...

So, have you played the Shuffle game? It is VERY cool! It's a computer game in which you are dealt cards in a 9-inning game and the idea is to build the best on-field combination you can! Ideally, you would shoot for having all 9 of the same team's players on the field at once, but that is no easy task, my friend! :-)

Anyway, check it out: Shuffle Page

It turns out that my analysis of the eTopps RRO countdown must have been close to something.. I mean, there was no RRO or anything, but they did change the code on the page, so that makes one wonder... :-) Of course, there is much discussion about the fact that the RRO window has been cracked, and one member even offers the program free if you buy one of his displays/cases (min $100 purchase)... For me, I'd rather just get lucky and hit the site at the right time, or miss it... Remember: I'm old school... :-)

TCOY (Take Care Of You)

Aug 14, 2006

So much for the 8/14 RRO... LOL

Okay, okay, so I was wrong about the 8/14 RRO... But, while being a smart-butt on the forum at eTopps, I decided to try a little something... See, there is some 'hidden' codes/text under the blacked-out image on the home page. Using the a=1, b=2 'decryption method, then adding the numbers of each segment, I came up with something like 16:09:12:x:x:x (I use x's at the end because those codes change with EVERY refresh of the page, where the first few have not changed in awhile... So, maybe it really is some kind of countdown? LOL, who knows...

If it is a countdown, then the next RRO should be at like 12 or 1 CST on Tuesday... I hope I'm done installing the video equipment at one of my area schools by then! :-) I'll need to jump on a PC and see how THAT goes.. LOL, can you see that? "Excuse me, but I need access to a PC right NOW!!" Yeah, that'll happen... :-)

Anyway, thanks for reading.. If you're reading... If not, well, thanks for stumbling across my page long enough to get thanked... :-)

More Random Stuff...

Well, first of all, I am posting this at approx 5:15pm CST on 8/14... I am predicting the new eTopps RRO goes out between 6:30p and 7:00p PST tonight... I just want it on record, and didnt want to post it to the etopps forum in case the mgmt spotted it.. LOL...

Our trip to Shreveport and the Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier City ended up being a lot of fun! We went shopping, ate too much, and had a great time! Even saw some friends from the town we live in - you just never know! :-)

Been to a Cold Stone Creamery? If not, I whole-heartedly recommend it! :-) A lot of fun, a LOT of ice cream! :-)

A very close friend of mine recommended a program called autostitch, that takes your images and makes panoramas out of them (of course, you have to TAKE the pictures such that they can be formed into a pano to begin with, okay??)

Aug 11, 2006

Okay, a few DUH's.....

Well, I am telling on myself, but here a few things I have FIXED on my blog, finally.. :-)

1. I fixed the Time Zone for MY time zone! :-)
2. I made it so anyone can post a comment now - you don't have to register!
3. I enabled the word verification thing - I'd rather BOTS not reply.. :-)

Worst Friggin Sonic

< -rant on->
Decided to go to Shreveport this weekend (heh-heh, my reward to myself for missing the eTopps RRO this week.. LOL). Anyway, we decide to get DRINKS (yes, only drinks) from the closest Sonic. It's on Greenwood, and they suck.

We arrived at 10:17pm (As indicated by our ticket)... We were one of about 4 vehicles actually at a drive-up bay. While we waited, at least 6 cars came and went through the drive-thru (yes, this sonic actually has a drive-thru)! I paid for our meal at 10:27pm with my debit card, and I paid as soon as the amount showed up, right after the guy took our order... YES, 10 flippin minutes to wait for NO ONE!

Okay, so then we wait ANOTHER 10 mintues befoe the hop brings our order of DRINKS and it is wrong, of course...

Oh, did mention that during this whole thing, there were at least 6 employees standing around just talking and goofing around?? Look, I dont care if you fluff off at work, heck who hasn't? But when there are customers WAITING, then please take care of them and THEN go fluff off! UGH... If I had ordered a bunch of meals or something, okay... But, this was FIVE DRINKS....
< /rant >

eTopps, RRO, and Me

Well, the eTopps RRO for the week was yesterday (Thursday) from 7:00pm to 7:20pm and I missed it after watching the site throughout the day.. What a bummer... You know, you just get one of those feelings, and I had a feeling the RRO was going to be that day. The message boards showed several folks had gone to see "Talledega Nights" and missed out... Me? I went to get my hair cut. I know, I know! What was I thinking??

Well, I was thinking, "FREE HAIRCUT." LOL... I have to admit I am a little jaded with RRO since I fell for the Chad Billingsley trap (that is, the window was open for an HOUR, so a LOT of people got the 'limited edition' card, thus throwing its value into the trash can). But, it will be interesting to see how many cards are published and what happens to the price.

Now, before we get all 'in it to make money' here, let me state that I am not. I am an 'old school' colector, just doing it for fun. I happen to believe that short windows and short print runs are what help make the value of a card in this scenario. I collect Cleveland Indians, though I have lots of other eTopps in my portfolio. Would I sell one of my portfolio cards if it suddenly jumped to 2x or 3x what I bought it for? Yeah, buddy! But, if none of my cards ever do that, that's okay be me... :-)

Congrats to the folks who got the RRO this go 'round... Maybe I'll pick one up when they are selling for $2.00 a card instead of $12... :-)

Aug 10, 2006

the Pre-Raphaelites and their Brotherhood

About 100 things to know about the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (PRB):
  1. Formed in 1848 during the Victorian Age
  2. Original members included Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Rossetti, William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais, John Collinson, Thomas Woolner, F.G. Stephens
  3. 2nd 'flowering' of PRB included William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones
  4. PRB loved the Arthurian Legend
  5. Charles Swinburne wrote "beautiful poems that no polite person could talk about."
  6. "Vicisti, Galilaee" means "Thou Hast Conquered, Galilaee"
  7. William Holman Hunt painted a woman in a room with a loom coming apart around her titled Lady of Shalott
  8. Tennyson, Keats, and Malory influenced the PRB greatly
  9. John Ruskin wrote a book titled Modern Painters, in which he discusses various artists. He later wrote Modern Painters II, in which he discusses the PRB
  10. Jane Burden married William Morris and served as the model for Pandora
  11. Swinburne would have most likely died prematurely had it not been for the efforts of Theodore Watts-Dunton
  12. Prometheus gave fire to man in Greek mythology
  13. Swinburne and Pater were associated with the Aesthetic Movement
  14. "Willowwood" is part of a larger work called "House of Life" by D.G. Rossetti
  15. There are two type of sonnets - Italian (Petrarchan) and English (Shakespearean)
  16. Josephine Butler is credited as being instrumental in the repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts
  17. "Poeta Loquitur" means "The Poet Speaks" and was written by Swinburne
  18. Waterhouse painted Lady of Shalott which features a boat on the water with a woman sitting in it
  19. "Ave Atque Vale" means "Hail and Farewell" (Believe me, you'll need to know this!)
  20. "Ave Atque Vale" is an elegy to Charles Baudelaire (who translated Poe into French) by Swinburne
  21. William Holman Hunt painted a woman rising from a reclined man's lap, called Awakening Conscious
  22. P. Henderson was a critic and biographer of Swinburne
  23. Lethe is the river of forgetfulness or oblivion
  24. Elizabeth Siddal was often cast as Beatrice and she also produced "Self Portrait" and the poem "Worn Out," among others. She was D.G. Rossetti's wife. She also served as the model for the painting Ophelia.
  25. The Germ was the title of the short-lived magazine produced by the PRB
  26. Robert Buchanan wrote a scathing critique about the PRB titled "The Fleshly School of Poetry"
  27. Sophie Anderson was a French painter who had been influenced by the PRB
  28. Euphemia Gray (called Effie) was married to John Ruskin but eventually separated and married John Millais, Ruskin's best friend
  29. Swinburne makes reference to "Mademoiselle du Maupin" in his work called "Sonnet"
  30. The Sangreal is another name for the Holy Grail
  31. The Contagious Diseases Acts were repealed in the 1880's
  32. Florence Nightingale, Harriet Martineaux, and Josephine Butler were three women who spoke out against the Contagious Diseases Acts
  33. William Morris wrote an essay titled "How I Became a Socialist"
  34. Sir Joshua Reynolds (referred to as "Sir Sloshua" by PRB) was president of the Royal Academy at the time the PRB reject the Academy's teachings
  35. Procne and Philomela are represented in Swinburne's "Itylus" as a swallow and a nightingale
  36. Godmar and Jehane are characters in Morris' "Haystack in the Floods"
  37. Millais painted Christ in the House of His Parents, a controversial depiction of Christ as a poor carpenter boy (WASN'T HE!?)
  38. Jane Burden posed for D.G. Rossetti's painting Proserpine in which she holds a piece of fruit with a bite taken out
  39. The Marquis De Sade (Sadism) was imprisoned for his pornography and had a great influence on Swinburne
  40. D.G. Rossetti was obsessed with the Dante/Beatrice tale (as in Dante's Inferno)
  41. George Meredith served as the model for the painting Death of Chatterton
  42. Lord Layton was a president of the Royal Academy and influenced Waterhouse
  43. The traditional sonnet has 14 lines
  44. The Contagious Diseases Acts were passed in 1860's
  45. Christina Rossetti referred to Elizabeth Barrett Browning as the "Great poetess of our own day"
  46. "Triumph of Time" alludes to Shelley's "Triumph of Life"
  47. William Morris founded the Kelmscott Press, most noted for its publications of Chaucer
  48. Theophile Gautier wrote "Mademoiselle du Maupin"
  49. "Aesthetics" means "Art for Art's Sake"
  50. John William Waterhouse is often referred to as the greatest PRB artist, although he was not associated with the PRB
  51. William Morris wrote "I Love You, but I Cannot Paint You" on the back of his painting, Guenevere. It was in reference to his wife, Jane Burden
  1. "He feeds upon her face...not as she is, but was when hope shone bright" - "In An Artist's Studio" by Christina Rossetti
  2. "At the door of life, gate of breath, there are worse things waiting for man than death" - Swinburne's "Triumph of Time"
  3. "So pure - so fallen! How dare to think of the first common kindred link? Yet, Jenny, till the world shall burn it seems that all things take their turn; And who shall say but for this fair tree may need, in changes that may be..." - D.G. Rossetti's "Jenny"
  4. "And she bowed herself and stooped out of the circling charm; until her bosom must have made the bar she leaned on warm" - D.G. Rossetti's "Blessed Damozel"
  5. "O lips that the live blood faints in, the leavings of racks and rods! O ghastly glories of saints, dead limbs of gibbeted gods!" - "Hymn to Proserpine" by Swinburne
  6. "The woman almost fades from view. A cipher of man's changeless sum of lust, past, present, and to come, is left. A riddle that one shrinks to challenge from the scornful Sphinx." - D.G. Rossetti's "Jenny"
  7. "We two will lie i' the shadow of that living mystic tree within whose secret growth the dove is sometimes felt to be, while every leaf that his plumes touch saith his name audibly" - D.G. Rossetti's "Blessed Damozel"
  8. "And grief shall endure not for ever, I know. As things that are not shall these things be." - Swinburne's "Triumph of Time"
  9. "Morte D'Arthur" - Thomas Malory
  10. "Her face is made her shrine. Let all men note that in all years...they that would look on her must come to me" - D.G. Rossetti's "The Portrait"
SELECTED TITLES TO KNOW (in random order):
"Garden of Proserpine" - Charles Swinburne
"Jenny" - D. G. Rossetti
"Goblin Market" - Christina Rossetti
"Hymn to Proserpine" - Swinburne
"Hertha" - Swinburne
"Sir Galahad" - William Morris
"Poeta Liquitur" - Swinburne
"The Earthly Paradise" - a sonnet sequence by William Morris
"Lady of Shalott" - Alfred, Lord Tennyson
"Haystack in the Floods" - William Morris
"Ave Atque Vale" - Swinburne
"Les Fleurs du Mal" - Charles Baudelaire
"In An Artist's Studio" - Christina Rossetti
"The Fleshly School of Poetry" - Robert Buchanan
"Modern Love" - George Meredith
"Earth and Man" - George Meredith
"The Bride's Prelude" - D.G. Rossetti
"Sister Helen" - D.G. Rossetti
"The Portrait" - D.G. Rossetti
"Blessed Damozel" - D.G. Rossetti
"Triumph of Time" - Swinburne
"Lucifer in Starlight" - George Meredith
"Atalanta in Calydon" - Swinburne
"House of Life" - a sonnet sequence by D.G. Rossetti
"Defence of Guenevere" - William Morris
"Monna Innominata" - sonnet sequence by Christina Rossetti

Little Computer People

Back in the mid-80's, I owned a Commodore 64 and one of my favorite programs was Little Computer People by Activision. It was, by all accounts I know of, the first computerized 'pet' or 'people sim' in the United States. Basically, we're talking the grand-daddy to modern-day games like 'The Sims.'

A frequently sought piece of information is the list of working commands for the Little Computer Person.... Here is a list:


If you know of other words that work, let me know..

Aug 9, 2006

Oregon Trail 5 on XP Crash Fix - sorta

  • Copy the DATA folder from the CD to the "C:\Program Files\The Learning Company\Oregon Trail 5" folder (assuming that is where you installed the game)
  • Inside the copied DATA folder, RIGHT click on the MOVIES folder and choose Rename. Call it anything you want except MOVIES... Press Enter.
  • In your "Oregon Trail 5" folder, find the file called OREGON5.INI and open it (double click on it).
  • Change the rsrcpath line to rsrcpath=Data and then SAVE and EXIT the file.
  • Now, when you play, you will have black screens where video should be, so you can just click the mouse to get through them. Sometimes, you have to click more than once, so click be careful and be patient...
Good Luck! If you need more help or further instructions, PLEASE do not hesitate to ask me! :-)