Aug 14, 2006

So much for the 8/14 RRO... LOL

Okay, okay, so I was wrong about the 8/14 RRO... But, while being a smart-butt on the forum at eTopps, I decided to try a little something... See, there is some 'hidden' codes/text under the blacked-out image on the home page. Using the a=1, b=2 'decryption method, then adding the numbers of each segment, I came up with something like 16:09:12:x:x:x (I use x's at the end because those codes change with EVERY refresh of the page, where the first few have not changed in awhile... So, maybe it really is some kind of countdown? LOL, who knows...

If it is a countdown, then the next RRO should be at like 12 or 1 CST on Tuesday... I hope I'm done installing the video equipment at one of my area schools by then! :-) I'll need to jump on a PC and see how THAT goes.. LOL, can you see that? "Excuse me, but I need access to a PC right NOW!!" Yeah, that'll happen... :-)

Anyway, thanks for reading.. If you're reading... If not, well, thanks for stumbling across my page long enough to get thanked... :-)

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