Aug 20, 2006

Ace of Cakes

So, have you seen Ace of cakes on the Food Network? It's about a cake shop in Baltimore that makes some REALLY cool cakes (a Jeep, German Shepherd, etc). I bet the cakes cost a fortune, but it would be worth it! The head guy even made a cake of Wrigley Field once! How cool is that?? Of course, I'd hate to eat the thing... LOL, maybe I could get a Deep Blue 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab with custom decaling made into a cake... LOL...

Some of you know the Indians are my favorite team of all time... Well, Travis Haefner is kicking serious butt! :-) Of course, he'll end up somewhere else in the next couple years, since the Indians are really the leading farm team for the MLB.. :-( They should be really good again in about 2-4 years if they would stick with guys and build a team like they had in the late 90's.... Oh well... I love the Tribe anyway! :-)

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