Aug 11, 2006

Worst Friggin Sonic

< -rant on->
Decided to go to Shreveport this weekend (heh-heh, my reward to myself for missing the eTopps RRO this week.. LOL). Anyway, we decide to get DRINKS (yes, only drinks) from the closest Sonic. It's on Greenwood, and they suck.

We arrived at 10:17pm (As indicated by our ticket)... We were one of about 4 vehicles actually at a drive-up bay. While we waited, at least 6 cars came and went through the drive-thru (yes, this sonic actually has a drive-thru)! I paid for our meal at 10:27pm with my debit card, and I paid as soon as the amount showed up, right after the guy took our order... YES, 10 flippin minutes to wait for NO ONE!

Okay, so then we wait ANOTHER 10 mintues befoe the hop brings our order of DRINKS and it is wrong, of course...

Oh, did mention that during this whole thing, there were at least 6 employees standing around just talking and goofing around?? Look, I dont care if you fluff off at work, heck who hasn't? But when there are customers WAITING, then please take care of them and THEN go fluff off! UGH... If I had ordered a bunch of meals or something, okay... But, this was FIVE DRINKS....
< /rant >

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