Aug 16, 2006 Shuffle and other stuff...

So, have you played the Shuffle game? It is VERY cool! It's a computer game in which you are dealt cards in a 9-inning game and the idea is to build the best on-field combination you can! Ideally, you would shoot for having all 9 of the same team's players on the field at once, but that is no easy task, my friend! :-)

Anyway, check it out: Shuffle Page

It turns out that my analysis of the eTopps RRO countdown must have been close to something.. I mean, there was no RRO or anything, but they did change the code on the page, so that makes one wonder... :-) Of course, there is much discussion about the fact that the RRO window has been cracked, and one member even offers the program free if you buy one of his displays/cases (min $100 purchase)... For me, I'd rather just get lucky and hit the site at the right time, or miss it... Remember: I'm old school... :-)

TCOY (Take Care Of You)

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