Aug 30, 2006

Bathroom Fixtures....

Okay, yes, today's topic is bathroom fixtures... No reason, just popped in my head... The one faucet I would really like to have is one I saw a long time ago, and I don't even know if they make it anymore... It had an open 'top' where you could see the water flow across the spigot and then free fall down into the sink... It was kinda U-shaped, i guess... Anyway, I always that was cool... :-)

I didn't get to do any riding today. Got back around 5:30 or so from Camden after a day of installing the latest firmware updates to a school's Goya.... LOL - for those that have no idea what I'm talking about - I helped upgrade their video conferencing system... Then, we (I went with the DL Coordinator from that Co-op) stopped at another site and, after a bit of cable hunting, were able to make their rear camera respond to the remote control... One way (not recommended!) to get anything to respond to a remote control is to WHACK the 'anything' WITH the remote.... Did I mention, this is NOT highly recommended? :-)

After we got back to the co-op, we figured out what the blankety-blank was wrong with their VCR/DVD Recorder that it wouldn't record! Well, it records now (See "getting anything to respond with a remote control" above.. LOL)!!!

I visited with friends and ex-coworkers for a bit, then headed home to find my mother leading Daisy out for a late afternoon stroll... :-) I stopped to pet her (Daisy, not my mother!) and came inside to work on my LAST DAY of PBS TeacherLine training... :-) I also checked my eTopps portfolio (yes, I only have one, thank you!) and make a few trades... Oh, I ate somewhere in there before figuring out the whole Groupwise/Outlook calendar thing (See Below), then logged in to tell the world about the bathroom fixture I want... LOL... What a night!

Before I go, I was working at the Co-op where I used to work and they asked me if I could help them get their Groupwise calendars into Outlook, because they use Groupwise but various other entities use Outlook and they need to share calendars, etc... Well, getting it out of Groupwise was easy (once they showed but getting INTO Outlook was another story... But, here are the steps, just in case someone ever asks you... :-)

Here are the steps to take when creating a calendar that you want to import into Outlook from Groupwise:

  • Right-click on the calendar folder in Groupwise
  • Export the calendar as a vCalendar file (.ics)
  • Remember where you saved the file!
  • Open the file in notepad:
    ---Start, Run, type NOTEPAD and press OK
    ---in Notepad, FILE, OPEN, change "Files of Type" to "All Files (*.*)"
    ---Click the drop-down next to "Look In:" at top of window
    ---Locate your .ics file (Where did you save it?)
  • Once the file is opened in notepad, LOCATE the line that reads "VERSION:2.0"
    ---This should be about the 2nd line down from top
  • Move your cursor to the line IMMEDIATELY BELOW the "VERSION:2.0" line
  • Type the following text: METHOD:PUBLISH
    ---this should push the text currently on that line to the right, that's okay!
  • Press ENTER
    ---Now the "METHOD:PUBLISH" should appear on its own line immediately below "VERSION:2.0"
  • Click FILE, then SAVE
  • Close Notepad


  • Open Outlook
  • Choose "Import an iCalendar or vCalendar file"
  • Click NEXT
  • Browse to find your save .ics file (Where did you save it?)
  • DOUBLE CLICK your .ics file!

That should bring your calendar items into Outlook! :-)

If you are emailing the ics file to someone, please also send them the "How to Bring the File Into Outlook" section with your message, as they will need to know how to do this.... (You may wish to remind them to SAVE the ics file to their computer first...)

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