Aug 27, 2006

Pictures - Finally! :-)

Okay, I have been off here for a few days now.. Mainly working through my TeacherLine course through PBS, watching the RRO on eTopps come and go (I missed it... But that's okay, I am having fun trading my cards for other cards anyway!). I also got to spend a lot of time with Daisy...

So, to play a little catch up here: I had predicted the RRO to come out Friday evening. Instead, it came out at 11:00a on Saturday. At that time, I had been out to feed Daisy, and then I got Tyler's bike (Tyler is my son) fixed to where he could ride it. So, I missed the RRO to be with my kiddos - as I told the folks on the eTopps boards - I believe I won that trade-off! :-)

So, Thursday and Friday, Emily spent the day with me at work again. She was the hit of the day with my co-workers! Of course, that meant having no time to pop in here and update my blog, but that's okay, too.. :-)

Saturday, like I said, I fixed Tyler's bike. Late in the afternoon, we got Daisy out and everyone took turns riding her. I took her out into the cow pasture and rode her around, including making her climb a few steeper areas - mainly to see how she would react to the different terrain. She did great! :-) I still have to work on making her run faster... That is more my own issue than hers... I haven't mastered the whole 'rhythm' thing when riding at faster speeds... :-)

After we all rode for a couple hours and then Emily and I gave Daisy a bath. She loved the cool water and never flinched as I sprayed her off and washed her down. She was pretty dirty so i have no idea when the last time she had been bathed! After that, Emily and I fed turned her out and fed her, then refilled her water tub.

Today (Sunday), we gave Daisy a break since we rode her pretty hard yesterday between all of us that rode (Me, Emily, Shan, Shan's Mom, Shan's Dad, Shan's Sister and Brother-in-Law). Plus, the weather here has been thundering with some lightning... Tonight, it is raining some...

I finally have pictures to post of Daisy.. :-) Let's see if I can post these pictures correctly....


  1. Well, how 'bout you! Blogging! What in the world? The chief cook and bottle washer for computer tech services at a school co-op has a damn blog. offense but WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?

    Hey, I belong to an on-line forum at Vanity Fair Magazine's web site. I posted a thread recently titled 'Public Education in the US' and it's all about what people think needs to be done to improve the public educational system. Any thoughts? Go to and then scroll through the first few pages until you find it, if you'd care to. I've written quite a lot about your school co-op in that thread. My user name is burghman.

    I loved the blog and especially the pics. Keep it up. ~ Uncle Bill

  2. Well, I don't know what too me so long... A natural aversion to telling the world what's on my mind, I guess... :-) I'll check out your post, for sure! :-) Hope you and Aunt Patty are doing well!!