Aug 21, 2006

Is Monday Over Yet?

School started for most of the kids in Arkansas today... Of course, my 4 year old starts NEXT week.. So, I figured I could take her to work with me... Okay, what part of "Hey, I should take her to work the first week of school" jumped out as the greatest idea ever??

Don't get me wrong! I love my baby girl and it has been fun having her there at work... But, she has the attention span of..well.. a four year old... Five minutes max, ten if you're lucky, and when she played with her Polly Pocket stuff for 30 minutes, I had to check to make sure she was still breathing! :-)

The biggest plus of having her with me is the fact that she now knows what I do... She usually tells people that I am a 'worker.' In her little world, I go to WORK, therefore, I am a WORKER.. :-) Very cute! But, today she got to go with me to the half dozen or so schools I had to visit in a short 8-hour span! :-) Now she says I fix TV's so people can see themselves and I work on computers... Close enough! :-)

Of course everyone oohed and aahed over her.. :-) And they all said the same thing: "she's a cutie! She must take after her mother...." Yeesh, thanks a lot... :-) Though I admit, she looks more like her mother than she looks like me... Our son looks a lot like me, so that's fair by me... :-)

After work, I took my daughter to the farm store and bought horse feed, a bright PINK bucket and a blue tie rope for the bucket... It was raining, so the 100 pounds of feed went into the back seat of my truck... Yes, my truck has the sweet smell of horse feed now... :-) I am not being a smart-alec here... I happen to love the smell.. Dunno why... When we got home, we chased Daisy all over the place until we could lead her to her feeding trough... We're pretty sure she'll come on her own next time, since she LOVED the sweet-feed... :-)

My daughter wanted to ride, but it was still raining, so no riding today... Hopefully it wont rain tomorrow, and she'll be able to ride with her grandfather (I am working late Tuesday night)...

We took pictures of the horse and riding etc yesterday, so I'll get those posted at some point... :-) Yeah, I know, I still have to post pics of the truck... Which I could do now... Hmmmm.... Well, no I can't - DUH, that camera isn't here where I am right now.... If I think about it Tuesday, I'll post them... :-)

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