Sep 8, 2014

#instacollage more random pics from Nevada County Fair parade

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#instacollage various floats from the Nevada County Fair parade

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#instacollage antique tractors at tonight's Nevada County Fair parade!

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Monday Morning Music

For no particular reason, I thought I would hit "shuffle" on my iPhone and jot down which songs played as I drove to work. I had one rule: I was not allowed to skip songs. Bad rule.

Monkey Business - Michael Jackson
This is My Now - Jordin Sparks
How Could I Want More - Jamie Lynn Spears
Dream a Dream - Charlotte Church (iTunes Holiday Sampler)
Here and Now - Luther Vandross
Cups ("When I'm Gone") - Anna Kendrick
Billie Jean 2008 (Zombie remix) - Michael Jackson
Dangerous (Early Version) - Michael Jackson

I didn't realize I had "Monkey Business" on my phone. That was a surprise and a bit of a weird way to kick things off.

"Dream a Dream" is from a Holiday Sampler, but I have no idea why a) it was my phone, and b) how on earth this is a holiday song. I also don't understand how people can listen to more than Charlotte Church song in a row. I mean, she can sing and all, but... yoy. I would imagine it would start to drive into your skull like listening to Bobby McFerrin's album (which I did. Once.)

"Here and Now" was the song played at our wedding. I love when it comes up on the playlist.

As you can see, I have way too much Michael Jackson music (proportionately speaking).

I'll do this again some day. If anything, to expose you to the vast array of music I listen to - even if I didn't realize I listened to it...

Sep 3, 2014

Work Life: Stealthy iOS Pics Without Jailbreaking

Students are discovering what some of us have known for a while:

"Stealthy" pictures on iOS devices without jailbreaking:

Open the camera app, then immediately pull down the notifications from the top (as shown below). This covers the camera viewfinder while leaving a mostly hidden ghost image in the background.

Use the Vol+ key to snap a pic. Note: sometimes, the background image will move as you move your phone. Other times, the background image doesn't move, but the camera will snap where it is pointed at the time you hit Vol+. That may seem obvious to some folks, but not so to others. Experiment.

Handy for taking photos where the viewfinder might serve as a distraction (plays, football games, concerts, etc). Could also prove handy in settings where photography is frowned upon, but you use that at your own risk (museums, etc).