Aug 14, 2006

More Random Stuff...

Well, first of all, I am posting this at approx 5:15pm CST on 8/14... I am predicting the new eTopps RRO goes out between 6:30p and 7:00p PST tonight... I just want it on record, and didnt want to post it to the etopps forum in case the mgmt spotted it.. LOL...

Our trip to Shreveport and the Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier City ended up being a lot of fun! We went shopping, ate too much, and had a great time! Even saw some friends from the town we live in - you just never know! :-)

Been to a Cold Stone Creamery? If not, I whole-heartedly recommend it! :-) A lot of fun, a LOT of ice cream! :-)

A very close friend of mine recommended a program called autostitch, that takes your images and makes panoramas out of them (of course, you have to TAKE the pictures such that they can be formed into a pano to begin with, okay??)

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