Aug 29, 2006

Boating... And Stuff...

So, Tyler is an official "safe" boater... Since their school construction is still underway, they've had some interesting classes, one of which is taking the Arkansas Boater's Safety class... He passed with flying colors. So now, he is the only one in the family that knows all the rules and regs for boating....

Did I mention.... We don't OWN a boat!!?? :-) Oh well, next time we rent one or go out with someone that DOES have a boat, well, he'll know what's going on... :-)

I watched the Little League World Championship yesterday (Mon) and Georgia beat Japan! They showed one of the US players crying his eyes out - he looked like someone had just told him dog died, really... The reporter asked him how he felt, and said, "I'm just so happy!" I mean, you know he was, but his face and his appearance told you a different story. It was funny, sad, and poignant all in one moment.

We also spent much of the evening watching an rerun of the $100,000 Americas Funniest Videos finals... As Larry the Cable Guy would say, "I don't care who you are, that's funny right there." Of course, the winner wasn't who we would have picked... The funniest one of the night, to me, was two little girls sitting and playing in a bubble bath. The older girl decides she wants to sticker head under the water in the bubble. About the time she get her face in there, the little girl turn and excitedly reports she just went "pee-pee" in the water! Of course, her sister has no idea since she is under water! When she comes up, the parents are laughing and the poor girl is clueless.... Great stuff!! :-) Remins me of the time when I was MUCH younger... Let me just say that my brother and I... 'flavored' a glass of lemonade and offered it to a friend of ours.... He said it was the best lemonade ever... We laughed about it for days.... Well, after we got over the beating we took for it... :-) Ahh... To be tweleve again, huh? (I told you, this stuff just pops in my head!)

As kids still say (yet they have no idea what it means), "See ya on the flip-side!" (Incidentally, so far as I know, that is a reference to these things called records, LPs, 45s... The 'flip-side' was the back side of a record (usually a 45). Of course, 'flip-side' could refer to anything that has two sides - coins, pancakes, baseball cards...whatever... LOL)

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