Aug 11, 2006

eTopps, RRO, and Me

Well, the eTopps RRO for the week was yesterday (Thursday) from 7:00pm to 7:20pm and I missed it after watching the site throughout the day.. What a bummer... You know, you just get one of those feelings, and I had a feeling the RRO was going to be that day. The message boards showed several folks had gone to see "Talledega Nights" and missed out... Me? I went to get my hair cut. I know, I know! What was I thinking??

Well, I was thinking, "FREE HAIRCUT." LOL... I have to admit I am a little jaded with RRO since I fell for the Chad Billingsley trap (that is, the window was open for an HOUR, so a LOT of people got the 'limited edition' card, thus throwing its value into the trash can). But, it will be interesting to see how many cards are published and what happens to the price.

Now, before we get all 'in it to make money' here, let me state that I am not. I am an 'old school' colector, just doing it for fun. I happen to believe that short windows and short print runs are what help make the value of a card in this scenario. I collect Cleveland Indians, though I have lots of other eTopps in my portfolio. Would I sell one of my portfolio cards if it suddenly jumped to 2x or 3x what I bought it for? Yeah, buddy! But, if none of my cards ever do that, that's okay be me... :-)

Congrats to the folks who got the RRO this go 'round... Maybe I'll pick one up when they are selling for $2.00 a card instead of $12... :-)

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