Aug 29, 2006 Shuffle Roster Update

Oh yeah (speaking of 'popped in my head'), the roster update for the Shuffle game is NOT on the MLB website, as the game says! It is on the site for the company that MAKES the game - Sandcastle Games....

Just go here: and find the updates. RIGHT-click on the link for the month and OPEN/RUN the file and install the update!

For the record, the highest value I have had one pplayer was a bit over 14000 points. The most players from the same team I've had on the field at a time is six... I still have yet to break the 200,000 point mark.. :-) And, Emily, yes EMILY was in the Top 5 list on my computer from the first day she played the game. Yesterday, I ended up kicking her down to 6th...

(Yes, I am posting this from work, but I am waiting to start moving some equipment, so it's okay.... LOL)

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