Aug 9, 2006

Oregon Trail 5 on XP Crash Fix - sorta

  • Copy the DATA folder from the CD to the "C:\Program Files\The Learning Company\Oregon Trail 5" folder (assuming that is where you installed the game)
  • Inside the copied DATA folder, RIGHT click on the MOVIES folder and choose Rename. Call it anything you want except MOVIES... Press Enter.
  • In your "Oregon Trail 5" folder, find the file called OREGON5.INI and open it (double click on it).
  • Change the rsrcpath line to rsrcpath=Data and then SAVE and EXIT the file.
  • Now, when you play, you will have black screens where video should be, so you can just click the mouse to get through them. Sometimes, you have to click more than once, so click be careful and be patient...
Good Luck! If you need more help or further instructions, PLEASE do not hesitate to ask me! :-)


  1. my computer says "this is a read only file and can not be renamed.

  2. Okay, RIGHT-CLICK on the folder, choose PROPERTIES, then look for a group of settings at the bottom of the first tab (Hidden, Read Only, etc). UNCHECK the "READ ONLY" option. You should be asked to apply it to all subfolders and files. Do that. Once complete, you should be able to rename it.