Sep 18, 2007

756 for $752 (THOUSAND)

The Bonds ball is outta here... The final selling price for the ball that propelled Bonds above Aaron (No. 756) was $752,467. And, get this, the guy that bought it has a web site where the "people" decide the fate of the historic baseball: Your choices are: Sell it to Cooperstown, Sell it to Cooperstown with an asterisk marked on it, or send it into space. Seriously. Space. That is what happens when someone has too much money and wants to top their own "I painted graffiti on Air Force One" hoax...

"Your momma's so dumb, she thinks a Light Saber has fewer calories..." - Darth Sidious to Luke on Adult Swim (Darth Vader kept score)

Why the quote? We've been watching goofy YouTube videos tonight. From laughing babies to babies that chew out a slip-n-slide to the "Cops" spoof called "Troopers." YouTube is full of time-wasting fun and dumb stuff... :-)

Shan got her Sprint bill today, and the morons at the Texarkana office had her account all screwed up. Her "new, lower bill" was more than $200! After more than an hour on the phone with a REAL Sprint rep, who pointed out all the mistakes the store had made. Now, I will go out on a limb here and say that I bet the in-store rep set things up as to get herself a pretty penny out of the deal. Well, no longer! After getting everything squared away, Shan's bill was just about $90! Thank goodness SOMEONE cares about the customer....

Since Emily's battery for her VW was ruined, I bought her a new one yesterday. It had to charge for 18 hours, so we left it charging until after supper tonight. We hooked it up and she rode like crazy all over the place. Since it is just a 6 volt rider, it only has one speed. While trying to see if there was a way to increase the speed, I came across a site that sells CD's with plans for souping up any Power Wheels vehicle. I'm talking about everything from adding power, a "real" working key to start it, working lights, rubber tires, and more... Some people buy these $200 ride-ons and then spend that much or more tricking them out... Who knew!?

I have been trying to figure out how to talk about a friend's situation without making that person's personal business public. All I can say is that my heart is with this person as life has just taken a very harsh turn. I can only offer my sympathy, as my children are not old enough yet to have to face a jail sentence. It seems crazy that rapists and thieves will get off free or serve less time than someone who made the mistake of not cleaning out a vehicle many moons after a bad habit. I can only pray and hope that time passes quickly for everyone affected....

Somehow, the fact that "Biggest Loser" premiered last week escaped us! AUGH! So, now we are two episodes behind. Guess we'll have to do some 'catch-up' this weekend.

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