Sep 8, 2007

No comment...

Both Shan and my Mom told me today that they could not post comments. So, I have changed some of my settings to make it easier to leave comments on my random thoughts! :-)

Now, simply click on the "COMMENTS" link beneath the post you wish to make a remark about, then type your comment. Before you hit "SUBMIT" (or whatever it says), be sure to pick either "Blogger Login (if you have one)," "Other (Which lets you type whatever name you want to use)," or "Anonymous (which will not post a name unless you included one in your comment itself)."

I have disabled the "Word Verification" thingy because, well, it really was a pain in the rear-end! :-)

Happy Commenting!

1 comment:

  1. I never have had any trouble posting comments to your blog. As anyone can see and like I had commented on an earlier post, the right side of your blog says....Shar commented on...more times than I care to count!