Sep 3, 2007

A pack a day...

Two guys from a couple sites I now frequent have banded together to create the "Pack-A-Day" blog, in which they open a pack of cards every day. Judging from the first posts, I assume they mean EACH of them will open a pack of cards.

Ironically, coincidentally, interestingly (pick one) enough, I decided (before I knew they were doing such a site) to open a bunch of packs of cards that I had laying around. These packs were soccer, football, golf, hockey, and whatever other random sport happened along. I was going to sell them as packs on eBay, but two things happened: 1) I looked on eBay and saw no one was buying any of the packs, and 2) I got the pack-opening bug and couldn't help myself. Okay, so really number 2 happened first, but who's keeping track? :-)

One of the first cards I pulled was a cool holographic card of Scottie Pippen. Living here in Arkansas and everything, this card has a special bearing that most other basketball cards don't (for me anyway).
The Great One (Wayne Gretzky for those not inclined to hockey). I don't care what year, what brand, what "model" of card it is - you pull The Great One, you keep it! :-)
The Golden Bear (Jack Nicklaus, for those who are not inclined to golf). I'm not the huge golf nut my Dad was, but there are players that transcend the sport - Gretzky was one, and The Golden Bear is another. Gotta keep his card...
The King (Richard Petty, for those not inclined to racing). I am not a racing fan, but like The Great One and The Golden Bear, The King stands above and beyond racing. I remember watching Richard Petty as a kid, and there is no one that says "speed, racing, and winning" better than Petty!
In 1988, Orion Pictures released a film about the 1919 White Sox (or Black Sox, as they became known), called "Eight Men Out." One of the packs of cards I had was called the same thing. I figured it was just something the card company did. But, it is actually a card set based on the movie (Can you tell who plays one of the main characters?). Interesting tie-in!
Finally, one of those "surprises" you find every once in a while when opening packs of cards. In one of the hockey packs, I found this card of Fred (Mister) Rogers, posing as the Celebrity Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins. I'm keeping it for no other reason that I think it is pretty cool to have a Mister Rogers card that ties into my hometown... :-)

You may be thinking to yourself, "Why didn't he put this on his baseball card blog??" I seriously thought about it. But, that site is for Indians cards, and I know I can post whatever I want to my own sites, I decided to put this here. Call me quirky... :-)

I took the kids swimming today with the intent of taking lots of pictures of them playing and having fun. The kicker is that I left the camera at home - DUH! They had a lot of fun, and the pool is open on Monday for the last time. I don't know if they'll get to go or not, since we are having our annual Labor Day cookout... We'll just have to see.

One of the games Tyler, Emily and I like to play is "Battlefield 1942." It is "ancient" by gaming standards, but it is easy enough for the kids to play (well, Emily "helps") and we have a good time just flying around or driving jeeps or whatever - killing bad guys is just about dead-last on the things we like to do in the game. Today, Tyler and I decided to try and do a "fly-by pick-up." One of us would grab a plane while the other stood somewhere and signaled for help. Then, the pilot (depending on who was playing what role) would try to swoop in and pick up the stranded soldier. I went first. I took off from the aircraft carrier while Tyler waited on deck. I made a u-turn and approached the ship. I surprised myself by coming in at a decent speed and I was level! But, I was going a bit too fast and when I hit the deck, I bounced my plane into the air. Over-correcting, I swooped down and somersaulted the plane down the landing zone. We laughed so hard, Shan wanted to know what we were playing that was making laugh so hard! When Tyler's turn came, he swooped down low enough that my player "jumped" into the airplane and we whooped and hollered like we had just won the lottery! :-) Great fun!

The other day, I was driving to work and for no reason at all, I decided to send Shan a dozen roses. Of course everyone assumed it was either our anniversary, I had done something wrong (or expensive, or both), or I was ABOUT to do something expensive. Nope. Just felt like it! :-)

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