Sep 8, 2007

Why I should not be allowed to stay up at night...

While poking around the 'Net and eBay for baseball-related things, I somehow got distracted and discovered an item I used to own as a kid - a 1977 Mister Rogers Neighborhood Musical Trolley... I can't believe anyone would pay $150 for now, but that is the asking price on eBay...

This, of course, got me thinking of other toys I had as a kid.....

Planet of the Apes Treehouse:

True story - My brother and I wanted this so bad, my parents almost had to buy a dozen (or maybe a gross) from Canada!

Stretch Armstrong:

I was not one of those kids that cut him open to see what was inside... But ours did dry rot... ugh!

Star Wars Vinyl Cape Jawa:

Yes, we had the "REAL" Jawas. It amazes me how much the real and verified ones are worth now. When we were kids, it was Yoda that no one could find... Who knew! :-)

Twiki from Buck Rogers:

Now, THIS was hard to find! In fact, when my brother and I finally found on on the peg in the store (Children's Palace in/near West Mifflin, PA), we got so excited, we threw it up into the air...and right on to the highest shelf! UGH! We got in trouble for climbing the shelving.... :-)

Welcome Back, Kotter! Playset:

I loved the show as a kid, and I had the classroom and all the "action figures" from the show... Today, probably worth a small fortune.... (Or, $9.99 for the set on eBay...LOL)

The Six Million Dollar Man:

Ah, yes, look through the back of his head for bionic vision! Raise the sleeve for his bionic arm... Who can forget such wonders!?

Whitman Press-Out books:

I remember putting these together like it was yesterday! We had the circus, a city, a frontier town, and who knows what else! These were my "pre-models" that I would assemble and play with before I got old enough to play with plastic model cars...

There are more, but it is nearly 3am now....

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