Nov 2, 2008

Halloween 2008 Photo Ops!

This year, we continued the tradition of going to Greg and Michelle's house to hand out candy, act silly, and have fun!

Emily dressed as Sharpay Evans from High School Musical and Tyler went.. in his own words: "As a hobo. I'm so poor, I can't afford to put a picture on my shirt." I have no idea what what means... Teenagers... Kensley (our niece) was dolled up as a ladybug.

Because Emily was one of the students who hit the "Sell 20 items of more" level in her fundraiser, she got to ride in a stretch limo Hummer to Pizza Hut for lunch! She had such a great time, and was completely awed by the limo (and when you see the pics, who wouldn't be!?)

While we were at the Hartman's house, we broke out the RockBand and the kids (okay, Greg and I, too) had a lot of fun!

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