Nov 22, 2008

Monkey Brains, part two...

My Aunt responded to my "Monkey Brains" post, but only gave me half a point because I did not call them 'monkey balls.' The way I even discovered what they were was because i did a search for "monkey brains tree" and read the results. I can only think that SOME people call them balls and others call them brains... I think maybe I get at least 1/4 credit back... :-)

The other thing she said was that the creek was near a house we used to play near as kids. I remember the house and the creek very well. But, that is not where I remember seeing the monkey brains. I remember them from a park where my Dad had been refereeing soccer games. So, maybe there is somewhere else that jogs your memory, Shar??

In either case, I had long forgotten about playing with Billy and Selene as kids... That was back before the woods were replaced by apartments, for sure!!

1 comment:

  1. Maybe there were monkey brain trees at that particular soccer field and your remembering that AND you have a memory of playing with Billy and Selene in their grandparents' yard and your brain is combining the 2?....