Nov 6, 2008

"We ain't gotta listen to you no mo'!"

That is a direct quote from one of three students in one of the districts I serve. They were speaking to a teacher who had asked them why they were in the hall and told them to get back to class.

Yes, the teacher was white and the students were black. The conversation also included many cuss words from the students, along with other related tidbits. Among those tidbits was the phrase becoming more and more popular, "it's OUR time now."

Perhaps the scariest thing said was, "You'll get yours... I'm gettin' paid, and you'll get yours..." Make no mistake. This was a threat.

A colleague said that now Obama is going to be President, we have finally leveled the playing field. Now, there is no excuse for anyone, any color, to say they can't do this or can't do that. I agree. Unless it is disrespectful or breaks the law. That applies to EVERYONE.

I don't care what color you are, where you live, what you have gone through, what you have been taught in life: You will get nowhere fast if you are disrespectful. You think Obama got where he did by acting like a fool and showing disrespect? No. He followed the rules - got an education, ran for Senate, learned and taught, then ran for the highest office in our land. There are rules you live by. There are rules WE ALL live by.

Another colleague (for the record, a black woman) said this about the incident: "We black folk cannot stand to see another one of our own kind get more than us, do better than us. We are the first ones to reach up and grab his ankles and drag him back down. Blacks is a jealous people, killing each other, putting each other down. Obama's undoing will be by black folk, not by whites."

For the sake of America, for the sake of American history, I hope she is wrong.

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  1. If and I say IF, Barack Obama survives his inauguration, the black people think that he is their answer to all their problems. They are in for a huge disappointment. Interesting view from the black colleague. Gave me food for thought. The kids, of any color, seem to get away with more and more. Way more than we did as kids in school. The worst thing that ever happened was taking the paddle out of the teacher's or at least the principal's hands.........