Nov 14, 2008

Emily breaks out the crowbar

Emily has been saving her money for quite a while. She finally decided that what she wanted was an iPod Shuffle. I tried to convince her to get one of the Nanos, but she knew what she wanted and that was that. She also knew what color she wanted. Okay, well, we ALL knew what color she wanted. Today, she finally broke out the crowbar to pry open the wallet that had her money in it.

She is a VERY good saver, and it took her a long time (for a six-year old, for sure!) to pick out exactly what she wanted and she learned how much it cost and how much she would have left over.

When we got home, I hooked it up and we Sync'd songs up to it for to listen to. I'm sure she'll have the battery worn down before the end of the night. :-) Well, maybe not quite...

It has been a long time (I'd say at least a year) since Emily, Tyler and I all sat down to play games on the computers together. We fired up Battlefield 1942 and started having a blast! We played for quite a while Thursday.

Tonight (Friday), Emily and I played and we discovered a cool trick that allowed our characters to walk up the steel frame of a bridge and watch the action from WAY up high! The funniest thing was watching the enemy planes coming in low, trying to shoot us down only to run head-long into the bridge. Man, we could have killed off a lot of Axis enemies if we had tried that back during the war.. :-)

So, what are the things on my Christmas list this year? Well, let's see (not in any order):
  • Baseball cards
  • Indians items
  • Call of Duty 4 (PC Game)
  • Fallout 3 (PC Game)
  • SingStar Pop 2 (Playstation 2 Game)
  • Crysis Warhead (PC Game)
  • Any family-fun Wii game (one that we can all play together)
  • Clothes (I'm not really picky)
  • Whatever else pops into someone's head

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