Nov 20, 2008

I don't always do the right thing

On one of the baseball card sites I frequent, the author posted a message regarding the golfer who recently turned himself in for using a ball that was a 'prototype' ball. He did not realize he had used the until he was back in his hotel room after the round of play. His use of the ball rendered him disqualified.

The question posed by the author was "How honest are you?" What you see below was my response:

At the end of the day, we have to face ourselves in the mirror. My wife and I recently shopped at Target. After our purchases were rung up, I realized that the total was in no way in line with what we bought (even though every item had triggered a 'beep' on the register). Sure enough, there was a bag of items totalling more than $50 that we had not been charged for. We talked about it, and I ultimately decided the right thing to do was to go back and pay for the items. At the next store, my wife had forgotten to pay for an item she was holding. She immediately went back and paid for it once we realized she hadn't been charged for it.

We don't always do the right thing, but sometimes we just have to...


  1. I can't tell you how many times my wife and I have walked out of a grocery store with paper towels, toilet paper, or soda on the bottom of the cart without paying for it. Sure, it'd be easy to load them into the car and leave, and the store probably would never even notice they were "stolen", but how low do you have to be to "steal" something like TP?

    Or anything at all, for that matter... and good the that golfer. I'm sure karma will pay him back in the end.

  2. I agree with Joe. I believe that the karma you create in the way you act and treat people all comes back in the end. Do the right thing = good karma. period.