Nov 5, 2008

A change is gonna come

Taylor Hicks sang that song as his audition for American Idol. Little did he know how right he was. On one of the blogs I follow, the title of a post-election day entry is "Waking from an 8-year nightmare." My response?

I agree the past 8 years have been a nightmare. However, I'm afraid (to use a quote) we've "awakened from a nightmare only to find the nightmare all around (us)."

I'm glad we live in a country where we are free to choose (well, sorta given the current electoral college arrangement) our leader: black, white, Hispanic, you name it. I believe the people gathered at McCain's consolation speech behaved horribly. Booing, chanting negatives. Obama's supporters were cheering and celebrating even when his remarks focused on McCain. I have to say, that speaks volumes. Then again, cult leaders have the same effect. No, I'm not saying Obama is a cult leader. But, it'll be interesting to see how things "change" in the future.

Change is gonna come. Let's hope the change does not include what it means to be an "American..."

How will "redistribution of 'wealth'" change America? Let's see, it started out at the $250,000 mark, then fell to $200,000, and as of this writing, the redistribution starts at $120,000. How long before it ends? How long before the 'redistribution' reaches down to $50,000 or lower?

How will "rights regardless of sexual preference" change America? What does "sexual preference" mean, anyway? Taken to the ultimate definition, we're not just talking about boy-girl, boy-boy, girl-girl, but what if your "preference" is an animal? What if it is a blow-up doll? I realize my words will come off as sarcastic to many, but I assure you, there is nothing but seriousness here. Where does "sexual preference" stop? Do you have an answer? Is that the answer for YOU or the answer for EVERYONE?

Let's talk about the chunk of money that Obama has promised the UN... Why the heck should the US continue to fund that organization? Will the UN still be around in four years? What will the "World Powers" look like in four years or less?

So, now that I've talked about those issues, let's talk about race. People go bat-crazy after their team wins (or loses) a FOOTBALL game. What do you think is going to happen when Obama takes office? I am predicting mayhem in the streets, from both those who are elated and those who are not-so-much. The fact that Obama has won does NOT instantly cure the racial issues in this country. There are whites who still hate blacks and vice versa. yes, it would be great if this win for Obama wiped that all away, but I see things getting "Nastier. MUCH nastier." (to borrow another literary quote)

Change is gonna come. Change is painful. Many people want change. Many people are afraid of change. The question is: After all the "change," how many people will be crying to "put things back?"

I am a big enough person that should I be 100% wrong about things, I will gladly stand up and say it loudly. I just don't believe "crow" is on the menu....

Those that voted for Obama wanted change. Congratulations. You got it.

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