Nov 3, 2008

Your vote don't mean Jack, or does it?

Go vote. Not because your vote doesn't mean Jack in the decision process of choosing the next President. I mean, honestly, by now we all know that our votes don't amount to a hill of beans as far as the Presidential election goes. That's all about the stupid electoral college, put in place because we Americans are too stupid to pick the 'best' candidate or the 'right' candidate. Voting on the National level is a complete waste of time. Write in Mickey Mouse or something. Who cares. Oh, political yokels will tell you to be part of 'the process' and all that crap. Process? Oh, you mean the one where the majority of the people voted but it doesn't count? No thanks.

But, the things that *DO* matter are the things going on in your state, in your county, in your city. Those are things that you *DO* have a say in. Lotteries, school boards, water treatment, wetland destruction, you name it. It can all come down to one person's vote. That person could be you. I know, you don't think you make a difference, right? I mean, you are just one person, after all. But, there have been issues, local issues, that have passed or failed because one person, ONE PERSON did not get out and vote. That one person could have forced a run-off or could have stopped a new local tax, or created a new opportunity.

We live in a country where we each are given the right to make a choice for something we believe in, or stand up for something we don't. There are a lot of things wrong with America, but this is one of those things that is right. At least, at the local level. I know my words may not affect your decision to vote one way or another, but if there is a chance that you are reading this and you aren't sure if you are going to vote or not, PLEASE vote. Read the local issues that affect you, and cast your ballot as your heart leads you.

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