Nov 16, 2008

Skin of my teeth

It's about 11:03 pm here in south Arkansas as I write this. And even though I missed my post-a-day goal, I still try to post as often as I can.

I just spent the last few HOURS (okay, off and on) updating my Indians baseball card collection. Through the wonders of blogging, I have managed to do quite a few trades and I was falling behind in getting my received cards logged into the database I use to track all of my Indians cards. For those who are curious, I now have 7,950 non-duplicated Indians cards. Now, before you get the bright idea of coming out to the boonies and stealing my 'treasure trove' of cards, you might want to know that Indians cards do not garner the kind of high-dollar allure as say, Yankees do. Granted, it's a nice hobby with a fair market value, but no one (including me) is going to retire off these cards.

Why do it then? I think it's cool, for starters. I've collected the cards since I was about 5 or 6 years old. Yeah, do the math and I should have a lot more than 8000 cards. But, I spent a LOT of years NOT collecting. I also do it because it beats the crap out of a smoking or drinking habit. :-)

I'm teaching 30+ people how to use Palm handhelds on Monday. I'll let you know how that goes.

The kiddos are out all week when Thanksgiving rolls around, and I am planning on joining them! I've got a few projects I want to get done around the house, and Thanksgiving week is the week we put up the tree and decorations for Christmas!! WAHOO!

Of course, what I really need to do that week is build Daisy a run-in/lean-to to help keep her out of the weather this winter. We'll see how that goes.

Random thought: I wish I could add words to the Blogger spell-checker. It always says I misspell words like "Wahoo..."

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