Nov 8, 2008

Hello?? Is thing on?

Okay, my Aunt is one of those bloggers that posts when she is able to take a breath. She's got a lot of interesting ideas and puts a unique perspective on many things. But, for whatever reason, I can't comment on her posts. When I try, I get a rejection notification that her account is not valid with adelphia. I'm sure it's as an Adelphia thing.

So, her most recent post is about the fact that Obama is *NOT* the first black President-elect. He is, in fact, BI-RACIAL. Top that off with the way most schools deal with bi-racial students: They are given the race of their mother.

Of course, I think the fact Obama is bi-racial should actually lead to MORE equality and unity, rather than less. Then again, I don't think it really matters in the long run, anyway.

I told a couple of colleagues my take on his Presidency: He will make things "look good" for four years and get himself re-elected. Then the first three years of his second term will also be filled with false "goodness and groovies." Then, the last year will show the truth of the legacy and life will fall apart in ways we have never seen. But, that's just my two cents. :-)

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  1. Thanks, Dave. I've never thought of it being my way of expressing my unique perspective. Hell, I didn't even know I had a unique perspective on things!