Nov 18, 2008

Well, it WAS Monday...

The Palm training was a nightmare. We had to change labs because the first lab was screwed up. Oh, wait, at first I went to the Tech Center because I thought that’s where I was told to go. Then, I lugged the 30 boxes of unopened Palms to the Vo-Ed, puttered around there for almost an hour as the techs tried to fix the problem (well, half the problem. The other half of the problem was spotty wireless). Finally moved back to Tech Center and got things set up.

I think I need to install CWT software (that's the software the folks were learning how to use) before the workshops rather than having the people do it. The tech skill levels of the participants are just all over the map, and it leads to frustration on the part of those that want to get things moving and those that have trouble working the stylus.

As far as I know, I never got upset with the people, it wasn’t their faults, just the way the day was going in general. In fact, a couple people remarked that they wondered how I wasn’t blowing my top and appreciated that I was not condescending. I just don’t understand how techs get that way toward people. Why be condescending toward other people?

Well, we FINALLY got the software installed, and then we had various issues with the logins, etc, but I got Teachscape on the horn and they fixed everything that could be fixed quickly. There are some issues with folks that are doing multiple campuses because they only had one campus show up and some had only one teacher, and others had NO teachers. Weird.

Without going into detail in a public forum such as this, I just have to say that we got the cell bill the other day. We did not have Tyler on an unlimited texting plan. The boy is a texting wiz - a skill we did not fully comprehend until the bill came in at three times its normal amount.

The phrase "this will hurt you more than it hurts me" doesn't even begin to describe it...

Tyler had his first basketball game of the season on Monday. We were told the game was at 5:00, but then we were told 6:00. So, we followed the bus to the town where the game was. We got there at 5:15 and decided to hang out in the van instead of going into the gym. Shan had some tests to grade and we just listened to music and stuff. At 5:45, we got out and headed in for the game. The game was about a minute from going to HALFTIME! For his age group, Tyler's quarters are 5 minutes long. The game started at 5:30, thank you. So, we drove 40+ miles to watch 10 minutes of game because we were told the wrong time. Twice. How lovely.

Well, it WAS Monday, after all...

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