Oct 31, 2008

Pet Peeves

A sales guy called me today. It was a scheduled call, so at least that was okay. During the hour-long conversation, he referred to me by my first name no fewer than 30 times (yes, I kept count after the first 6 or so). I can't stand that. Why use my name at all? Okay, maybe a couple times at the beginning, but after the first 5-10 minutes, let it go. By then, you KNOW with whom you are speaking! Tip for salespeople: QUIT using the potential customer's first name after the first five minutes!

A car has it's right turn signal on. The car approaches the road onto which the driver plans to turn. The driver STOPS the car completely before turning right. There are no traffic lights, no other cars, and no other traffic signs. QUIT IT! There is no reason that you have to come to a FULL STOP when making a right turn unless you are going too fast to make the turn, and even then, all you have to do is slow enough to make the cut! Drivers out there, MAKE THE TURN ALREADY!

"I'm a dork... I'm a dork... I'm a dork..." You know who you are... You're the one driving with that stupid turn signal on! And, yes, as I am driving behind you, I am thinking the whole time, "you're a dork... you're a dork... you're a dork..." because that is what you are telling other drivers. You are saying, "I'm a dork. I can't even tell that my signal has been on for the last five miles. I am a total dorkjob who really shouldn't even have a license. Yes, I hear that awful clicking sound, but I am ignoring it because I am too stupid to figure out where it's coming from and what it means." Seriously, people... How long have cars been around? Check your turn signal.

If you ask me for advice and I give it to you, at least have the decency to wait until I am no longer in earshot before asking thirty other people for the same advice. You came to me for a reason. I assume it's because you trust my opinion and advice related to the matter for which you approached me. I take my thoughts and advice seriously. If I am taking the time to give my two cents because YOU ASKED FOR IT, then you should have the courtesy not to question it once I've given it to you. If you wish to question my advice to you, please don''t bother asking me in the first place. It'll save us both time and energy.

After you've asked thirty other people for the same advice, do not come to me with all their opinions to question my advice. I gave you my advice. For whatever reasons you have, you questioned my advice and now have 29 other opinions. You're a grown-up, make your own decision. Now, if ALL those other people contradict the advice I gave you, sure bring it on and we'll talk about it. Otherwise, I have other things to do. Really.

Don't come crying to me when you did not follow the advice I gave you and everything went to pot. You asked. I listened and offered my advice. You went and did your own thing. You got screwed. Sorry. Nothing I can do there.... I'll offer you a tissue, though.

Okay, one last one for now. Don't ask me for advice or if you got a good deal on something AFTER you've already done it/bought it. It's too late. I get this all the time: "There's this computer... It has x, y, and z, and costs $xxx... I bought it. Was that a good deal?" Frankly, there is no right answer here. You already bought it. Nothing I can or will say is going to change that. Honestly, at that point, what difference does it make? Same holds true when you do something and then ask afterwards if it was a good thing to do or the 'right' thing to do. Does it really matter? It's too late... Now, I am not an animal. If you ask me about something you already did, I *WILL* give my opinion because you asked. Just know that it also comes with the obligatory, "...but it doesn't really matter what I say..."

Just a few things to think about...

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