Oct 30, 2008

When Jhonny Comes Home Again

This was my entry into Thorzul's Halloween card contest. For those that don't know, Jhonny Peralta is a Cleveland Indian. Yes, he spells his name that way. He says his parents always told him that everyone else spells it wrong. When the contest came up, I knew in a flash that I was going to do a card based on "The Shining."

I was completely suprised that my entry took second place. After seeing the third place card, I thought I'd get Honorable Mention at best. I was very happy, and I am very greatful that my card came in second!

Of course, the first place winner blew everyone away. That means that next year, I'm really going to have to come up with something.....special.....

The Elementary School recently had their Honor Roll and Awards Day. Emily snagged all three honors! She was one of the "Top Accelerated Readers," she got on the Honor Roll, and she was a Good Citizen!! How awesome is that!?

top ar = pencil and wrist band
honor roll = mini basketball
good citizen = certificate and pencil

Not much tellin' what she was thinking here...

Happy Halloween! (not my pumpkin, just one I found online)

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