Oct 21, 2008

Dave's not here, maaaan...

Are you old enough to remember Cheech and Chong? If so, do you have enough brain cells left that you actually *DO* remember them? Oh, sure they have been in various movies as of late, though usually as vocals for animated figures.

The reason I ask the question goes back to the title of this post. During an email discussion at work today, someone had sent out the obligatory "Is Anybody out there?" message that often follows some kind of network-related issue at one of the schools. In this case, the message sender could SEND to the state list, but not RECEIVE from it. Go figure.

My response, of course, was the ever-popular, "Dave's not here, maaaan." This was followed by several responses in which we (that is, those old enough to remember the routine) post much of the routine.

The observation I made to a couple of the responders was something akin to: So, how many techs on this list even know what we're talking about!? We decided there would be at least a dozen (out of about 300) that DID know...

Do all generations go through this? The realization that the things you knew as a kid are fading quickly from the general pop culture? Bill Cosby, George Carlin, Howie Mandel with long curly hair, Richard Pryor, Jonathon Winters... Do any of these names ring a bell? I hope so. If not, look them up on YouTube. Just be sure you're wearing your Depends.... (You'll laugh until you pee your pants - for those not quite getting the reference)

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  1. Oh my, you are getting old. I remember all of those and a lot that you weren't even around for. The show Laugh In comes to mind. Great show..funny and a ground breaker for shows like SNL In the early stages SNL was a don't miss show, now not so much. But it's fun to take a trip down memory lane sometimes. It's just that my lane is a lot longer than yours. Love ya, Mom