Oct 8, 2008

More Random Thoughts

I watched "1408" tonight while Shan and the kids were at AWANA at church. In the movie, John Cusak's character lays a White Sox hat on the bed (or table or whatever). That made me flash back to "Stand By Me" in which John Cusak's character puts a hat on his kid brother's (Gordy) head. It was a Yankees cap. For the sake of fun carry-overs, it would have been cool if he would have had a NY cap in "1408," too... Oh well, maybe it's just me... :-) I like things like that. Kinda like the red and yellow ball that makes a cameo in all of Pixar's movies...

I haven't played around on a Netware server much since leaving my job in Camden, AR, several years ago. On top of that, I haven't messed with DHCP set-up on a Netware server in an even longer time. Basicall, once DHCP is set up, you never touch it again... Well, today, I helped a school change out their DHCP address range because they had run our of IP numbers for their computers.

One of the things I love about my job is that my skills are always being tested, honed, brought back from the deepest recess of my mind. Tomorrow (Thursday), I am heading to Texarkana to help their tech folks plow through more than 300 work orders they currently have outstanding. I have a feeling I'll be running ragged, testing all kinds of skills. :-)

Slider, the Indians mascot, was inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame on September 28, 2008. Yes, you read that correctly - there is a Mascot Hall of Fame. It covers all sports and was started up in 2005. And, of the mascots inducted, Slider is one of only four MLB mascots! The others are the San Diego Chicken, Mr. Met, and the Philadelphia Phillie. I'd say Slider is in some VERY good company!

"The Biggest Loser" has been pretty good so far. There have been some very touching stories, and this group of folks seem like some of the most 'regular' group I've seen. They don't do all their homework, they don't always eat right, they're pretty much like most folks, I think. It's been very educational and entertaining. Maybe it'll translate into me getting off my butt to reduce the size of my own spare tire...

In case I haven't said it lately, Shan is doing GREAT with her own exercise! She looks great (of course, I have always thought she did anyway) and is happier than I have seen in a while. I am VERY proud of her and for her!! Way to go, Baby!

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