Oct 28, 2008

Where do the days go?

See, I can't even keep up with my post-a-day even after I chastise myself for not keeping up!

I'm in Little Rock today and tomorrow for an E-Rate training. What's E-Rate? Well, take a look at your phone bill. see that thing called a "USF" or "Universal Service" charge? Everyone has it. It was put into place in the 30's. Well, schools and libraries can apply for services and those collected funds are divvied up and sent out to the schools and libraries for things like discounted phone service, Internet access, routers, switches, etc. So, yeah, I'm learning how to make sure I follow all the rules as far as E-rate goes.

I dropped by Taco Bell for my free taco earlier this evening, how about you??

I suppose this is why posting once a day is difficult for me - I don't necessarily have much worth posting, I guess. Though, a burger joint down the road from here does have the Obama Burger and the McCain Burger. Maybe I should have stopped in there to see what the hullabaloo was all about.

The World Series was suspended Monday night because of rain, and evidently, the rains are not too willing to let the game continue. Though Game 5 was supposed to finish up tonight, there is still a lot of rain in Philly. The gurus have decided to continue the game on Wednesday. I figure if this keeps going, we'll have the World Series decided on Thanksgiving Day....

There was some kind of major child prostitution slave trade bust. Here's my complaint: Evidently 600 people were busted, but only 50 children were actually rescued... Sorry, but that's a horrid rate of return. What is going to happen to the children who now have no 'John'? They'll find another one, or another one will find them. This did very little to actually help the kids, from my vantage point. Don't get me wrong - 50 kids is 50 kids, and evidently 10 of them were on the missing children list. But, for every one of the adults busted, how many kids do you think they were prostituting? At today's rate of kids/adults, the FBI will have to arrest about 60,000 adults just to scratch the surface...

My thoughts and prayers go out to Jennifer Hudson and her family. It's so hard to believe something so tragic could happen to anyone...

A West Helena (Arkansas) man and a Tennessee man were arrested for conjuring up a plan to kill a bunch of people that would ultimately lead them to Obama. Seriously, what thought processes have to happen for TWO people to concoct something like that? I don't know much about the story, but I would have to assume they were friends somehow and not just two guys that found each other on Facebook, Myspace or some other social network... You have to wonder how many other folks are out there with similar thoughts against ANYONE else... Things are definitely getting strange. Well, okay, things like this have been going on since before Lincoln all the way back to Cain and Abel. Welcome to the world, I guess.

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