Mar 6, 2008

The votes are in - we're down to twelve...

No, I'm not talking about the number of people who AREN'T tired of hearing the words "Hilary" or "Obama" every 10 seconds. I'm talking about IDOL here, people!

The 12 Idol Finalists:
David Cook - Excellent choice
David Archuleta - Good Choice
Jason Castro - Surprised he made it
Brooke White - Kinda surprised she made it
Syesha Mercado - Excellent choice
David Hernandez - Not surprised, but I wish he had gone home
Michael Johns - Great choice
Ramiele Malubay - That's a surprise. I thought she'd go home
Carly Smithson - That was a given
Amanda Overton - Awesome choice!
Christy Lee Cook - Great choice
Chikezie - Excellent choice

Who did NOT make it?
Kady Malloy - I'm a bit surprised, but there are a lot of very good women this year.
Luke Menard - Not really surprised.
Asia'h Epperson - How the heck did THAT happen!? Ouch!
Danny Noriega - EXCELLENT! I don't how that happened, but I am so glad the votes went they way did in this case. Of course, now has to pick a new person to hate on... It also shows that VoteForTheWorst does have the power in voting.

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