Mar 19, 2008

Horton Hears an Idol

Is it just me, or has the whole "group singing" thing gone way, way downhill in recent years? Okay, specifically, this year. The producers need to kill the whole 'broadway show' part of American Idol. Shan just clapped saying, "Yay, it's over!" I couldn't agree more! Another "feature" that needs to go? How about the stupid call-in questions? That is just a time-waster. I admit Simon saying that Paula was a good kisser was a bit of a surprise.

Kelly Pickler's "I just have a WAY better job" was hilarious! She is such an airhead. LOL. I can't believe she sang "Red High Heels," though it is the song she on Idol a couple years ago for "original song night," if memory serves....

So, how did the voting go, and more importantly, do we agree?

Brooke - Safe - I agree, keep her around for a while. She is going to have a contract regardless of what happens on Idol.

Carly - Bottom 3 - That is a HUGE surprise for us. Wow... She already has/had a contract, so you already know she'll do well. Not sure if she should be the "AMERICAN" Idol, though....

David A - Safe - Not happy, but he has his groupies, I guess

Michael - Safe - I think he'll do well overall

David C - Safe - Another one who should do very well in the competition.

Kristy - Bottom 3 - Not happy about it, but we had a feeling it would happen.

Jason - Safe - DUH, he has the face and the hair, I guess.

Ramiele - Safe - That sucks. I think she should be long gone by now.

Syesha - Safe - She has a good voice, but she better find good songs or she'll be out quickly.

Chikezie - Safe - I'm glad he's in. I really like him and hope he does well.

Amanda - Bottom 3 - I not really surprised only because she has yet to show something different.

Bottom 3 (Drum Roll Please):
Carly - Safe - Not surprised.
Kristy - Safe - What a surprise! She has been in the bottom 3 every week. She better shape up quick.
Amanda - OUTTA HERE. I am bummed about that, but she never outgrew what we saw in the auditions. As Shan said, though, she has a career that she likes, and this never came across as what she wanted to do for her life. I think she will still get at least a CD out of it and hopefully she will get to show off more than one side of herself.

We took the kids to see "Horton Hears a Who" tonight. It is a very cute movie. I have never read the book, so I don't know what liberties were taken, but it doesn't really matter to me, either. At the end, a bunch of kids in front of us were clapping. To me, THAT is the sign of a good, family movie.

Supper at Sonic for 4: $20
4 night tickets for a movie: $25
Popcorn, candy and drinks: $26
Cold Stone ice cream after the movie: $18
Spending the evening with the family: Pricele... Well, not really priceless. The price was just about a hundred bucks. We told the kids not to get used to that. :-)

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  1. Any time spent with your kids IS priceless. They grow up so fast, then all you have is memories like the ones created tonight. So, an $89 evening once in a great while is worth it!

    Won't you always remember that Tyler called it a Ride of Way instead of a right of way? Now, that memory was free, as are and will be most of them. So if average out all the great memories you have, over the amount of money you spent making others, you'll see that over your life time, it really only cost pennies.