Mar 11, 2008

Biggest Loser and American Idol

Tonight's "Biggest Loser" was Jillian. If you did not watch the show tonight, you missed a bitchy, moany, cuss-fest that was totally uncalled for and inappropriate. And, after her whining, the biggest loser this week was one of the women.

Actually, the other "Biggest Loser" on the show was the show's "cliff-hanger" ending. Tune in next week to see who gets voted off. Oh please, just show the votes and get over yourself, NBC.

Tonight on Idol, the singers got to choose songs from the John Lennon and Paul McCartney lists of compositions. We'll see how they do:

- Name ------ Dave ----- Shan -----
Syesha -------- N -------- Y ------ ("Got to get you into my life")
Chikezie ------ Y -------- Y ------ ("She's a Woman")
Ramiele ------- N -------- ? ------ ("In My Life")
Jason --------- N -------- N ------ ("If I Fell")
Carly --------- Y -------- Y ------ ("Come Together")
David C ------- N -------- ? ------ ("Eleanor Rigby")
Brooke -------- Y -------- Y ------ ("Let it be")
David H ------- N -------- Y ------ ("I saw her standing there")
Amanda -------- Y -------- Y ------ ("You can't do that")
Michael ------- N -------- ? ------ ("Across the Universe")
Kristy Lee ---- N -------- N ------ ("Eight Days a Week")
David A ------- N -------- N ------ ("We can work it out")

I loved Chikezie's rendition of "She's a Woman!" Carly kicked serious butt with her "Come Together." Michael Jackson has the best version of that song as far as I'm concerned. But, Carly did very, VERY well with it! David Cook did way to much breathing into the microphone and I couldn't understand half of what he was saying. Brooke was too close to her mic, too, but I think she did a great job singing a song that almost anyone who has listened to the radio had heard at least once. David Hernandez opted to go with a song that has been covered by Tiffany, for what that's worth. It came off as VERY karaoke for me, dawg... Amanda probably WANTED to sing "Come Together." I liked her version of "Can't do that" because it was very "Amanda" and she made it all her own. Shan said she likes her, but all her songs sound the same. That is a good point - could you listen to a whole CD of Amanda? I'm not sure... Michael has never really been a favorite of mine on here, and this did nothing to "change my world" as far as he goes. I'm a big Kristy Lee fan, and I like that she took a chance with making the song country, but I think went a bit too far on the 'hick' side of things. That will most likely send her home. Ouch. David A's take on "We can work it out" failed miserably on several levels. First, he forgot the words more than once. Next, it came off as "showy" to me (I didn't want to use the K-word again). Like Shan said, "He didn't work it out." She liked his voice, but he forgot all the words except the chorus. I mean, come on. He should go home, but probably has enough fans already that he'll stick around.

Guess we'll see what happens on Wednesday.

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  1. No, dawg. Check it out. David Cooke's Eleanor Rigby was awesome!