Mar 4, 2008

Idol Guys basically suck

No pun intended, but the guys really sucked tonight, except for two, maybe three, performances...

Tonight, I am taking the lazy man's way out and creating a 'cheap' table. LOL. Evidently, I have more time to waste making a Darth-Steeler at lunch than I have to make a clean table for Idol...

Okay, my commentary for tonight: Luke sucked. David A's version of "Another Day in Paradise" was all over the place and actually made me want to never hear that song again. Danny was just pissed off that he didn't get "Wake me up before you go-go," so he sang the worst interpretation of "Tainted Love" I have ever heard! David Hernandez should have picked a song sung by a GUY, then again, with all the talk of his gay-bar stripping, it may be a moot point. Michael Johns kicked serious Idol rear tonight, but he was showed up by David Cook. Cook's version of "Hello" was fantastic! Castro's version of that song from "Shrek" basically stunk worse than two skunks having been hit by a truck. Chikezie did alright, but somehow we missed his wavering high note until they were doing the re-caps. Ouch, dude.

--- Name ------------- Dave ----- Shan -----
Luke Menard ----------- N --------- N ------
David Archuleta ------- N --------- Y ------
Danny Noriega --------- N --------- N ------
David Hernandez ------- N --------- N ------
Michael Johns --------- Y --------- Y ------
David Cook ------------ Y --------- Y ------
Jason Castro ---------- N --------- N ------
Chikezie -------------- Y --------- Y ------

What follows is an edited excerpt from a newspaper in NW Arkansas during the recent State Basketball Tournament:

by Jeff Brasel (article here)
I had worked my way to the scorers' table to get the final game stats for the Lady Bobcat game, but just as I got there, they were taking the book to make copies.

So, with what I thought would be a 2-minute wait, I pulled up a chair at the table and made myself at home.

Warming up for the next game was the Prescott Curley Wolves. I have no opinion about the Curley Wolves other than they gave our Yellville-Summit Panthers a major whipping in football a season or so ago.

But I watched as the teams were doing their pregame warmups.

Then I spotted a team member, not exactly like the rest. The Curley Wolves had a Down Syndrome player on their squad.

I watched and commented with the scorekeeper about the ease that the kids felt around the boy and how they included him in the warmup and the dance-like huddle before they shot. The team was special and they took care of the young man much like our Harrison kids take care of Anne Mitchell in all of her endeavors.

Prescott was playing Flippin in the game and surprisingly after 4 minutes of play, the score was only 4-2 in favor of Prescott.

Finally, my copies had arrived and I was up from the desk to find Marshall's coach Mat Stewart after the game.
I got back at the game and the 40-point lead was about what everyone figured in this game.

However, things took a change for the exciting. With about 3 minutes to go in the game, Prescott's Down Syndrome child gets into the game. The Prescott fans are delighted.

The player, who was not listed on the roster, is excited to be in the game. He may have played for Coach Hutchcraft at Guy-Perkins for a semester because he took his spot on the offensive end. While the rest of the Curley Wolves were playing defense, No. 44 was ready for offense.

Prescott got a steal and hurried down court. They got the ball to No. 44 and after pointing and giving directions he fired up a shot.

Flippin got the rebound and was back on their offensive end. The Bobcats scored this time and the Curley Wolves hurried the ball back up the court. They moved the ball to No. 44 and once again he fires up a shot. The ball misses and the Bobcats are off again.

As play continued, the Curley Wolves handed the ball to No. 44 for the third time. This time he lets the ball go and to the delight of about everyone in the gym the ball goes through the hoop for a 3-pointer.

The gym erupted. I have never seen a coach so excited about a shot since the time that North Carolina State won the national championship and Coach V was running all over the court looking for someone to hug.
As the day progressed, I had to find out who No. 44 was. I finally went back to the scorers' table and looked in the book. It turns out that No. 44 was Josh Newsom. According to the scorekeeper and I have no proof otherwise, Josh is the son of the Curley Wolves' head coach Larry Newsom.
Coach Newsom and Josh Newsom, thank you for letting me be a part of something very special that happened Friday at Cave City. Flippin players, even though your dreams were crushed that day, you were kind enough to see that one young man's dreams were fulfilled. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

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  1. Actually, Jason Castro's song was a hit 2 times in the 80's by 2 different artists. If you heard the originals as it were, and not just the song in Shrek, you'd see his was a petty good rendition.