Mar 18, 2008

Kite Flying and Idol Thoughts

We were supposed to get 4-6 inches of rain last night. The storm didn't move as quickly as expected, so we got nothing. But, the winds were kicked up enough today that Emily and I went out and flew a Barbie kite she had. It was a LOT of fun!!

Idol thoughts

Oh, please, didn't we just do the Beatles last week!? I mean, okay, so it was "McCartney/Lennon," but is basically the Beatles. "Expanding on a theme" is a STUPID idea. I am NOT a Beatles fan whatsoever. In fact, I think they are the most overrated band of all time - they were in the right place at the right time and had very good marketing behind them. Many people would argue they were exactly what the world needed when they came to the United States. Everyone has their own opinions...

Before things get going, I can already tell you I am taking this show with a grain (pound, perhaps?) of salt.

--- NAME -------------- Dave ----- Shan -----
Amanda Overmeyer ------- N --------- N ------
Kristy Lee Cook -------- N --------- N ------
David Archutleta ------- N --------- ? ------
Michael Johns ---------- Y --------- Y ------
Brooke White ----------- Y --------- Y ------
David Cook ------------- Y --------- Y ------
Carly Smithson --------- Y --------- Y ------
Jason Castro ----------- N --------- N ------
Syesha Mercado --------- N --------- ? ------
Chikezie --------------- N --------- ? ------
Ramiele Malubay -------- N --------- ? ------

Amanda - ("Back in the USSR") - As Simon and Paula said, she needs to show something else. She has a unique sound, but it is getting repetitive.

Kristy - ("You got to hide your love away") - I don't think I've ever heard this song before, so for me, I imagined I was hearing this song on the radio for the first time. Kinda pitchy, and as Shan said, "She has a good voice, but has not picked any good songs." Though, her "Faithfully" was spot-on for me.

David A - ("The long and winding road") - Ballads can be great. For me, this sucked. I think I fell asleep during this one though. Total snoozer in my book.

Michael - ("A day in the life") - My biggest complaint about the original version of this song is how WHINY the Beatles are while they sing it. Boo hoo, poor us. Micheal, on the other hand, came out SINGING it with force. Yeah, he botched the high falsetto, but he still did better than the folks before him tonight. Excellent work.

Brooke - ("Here comes the sun") - Though it seemed highly repetitive, this actually worked out very well. She has a great voice and she is very at ease in front of the microphone and the crowd. GREAT job!

David C - ("Day Tripper") - A Whitesnake version? Okay, Whitesnake sings the whiniest song in the history of rock ("Wait... Wait.. I never had a chance to love you..."). So, he went with an upbeat, rockin version. Interesting, and I'm saying "Yes" but only because it was better than the first few folks. I'm not sure it was great, but good enough to stay around.

Carly - ("Blackbird") - A nice ballad, but she took way too long to break out and let herself go. Again, very repetitive. Were all the Beatles songs just saying the same thing over and over for 5 minutes? UGH. No matter, she has a great voice. Too bad she has that awful tattoo down her arm.

Jason - ("Michelle") - Oh, please give me a break. I absolutely HATE this song and always have. Jason did nothing to the song that the Beatles hadn't already done. Someone had me a vomit bag, please.... Quick. It is songs like this that are so overrated that people were too stupid to know what made a bad song simply because it was "The Beatles" (insert screaming teeny boppers here)

Syesha - ("Yesterday") - The ultimate cover song. Every singer in the world has covered this song. As a singer, you either muck it up or you do it incredible justice. Syesha did okay, but it was kinda like something that would show up in a Beatles musical or something. I guess this would be an okay version to play at a funeral or something... I was not overly impressed, but she does have a good voice.

Chikezie - ("I've just seen a face") - Another song I've never heard of. I think he did nice job of putting a little R&B spin on it with his his voice. Well, and then he did the harmonica, and turned it into a square dance. What the-? As Shan said, "a little Hee-Haw." Randy said it might make it as a country song.... Maybe if Chikezie and Kristy get their "hick" on, they'll have an interesting bluegrass album....

Ramiele - ("I should have known better") - Okay, here it goes. Bad start. Well, really, it was bad period. Too soft, sounded off key or something. The only true karaoke version of a Beatles song tonight. Awful. Please, send her home people.

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  1. Sony, who owns American Idol, has just gotten the rights to all the Beatles songs, so they had to do this 2nd week of the same genre, as it were, to get their money's worth. I also think that THEY think it will sell some Beatles records, er,uh, CD's(Showin' my age there)and boost revenue for them.