Mar 12, 2008

Ads, Going to jail, and Rideaway

In a recent comment, my Aunt asked why my blog has many ads. Well, I am using the Google Ad-Sense thingy to try and generate some money. See, if you click through the ad and see what the ad is about, then I get a fraction of a cent or something, and the people that click-thru, the more money I can earn. The ads take text from my posts and finds items that are related. Sometimes. Other times, I don't know where the ads come from. Have I made any money yet? Not that I'm aware of. LOL

Tonight was "Parent Night" at AWANA, so Emily asked me to go. I stayed for about an hour. I listened to a story and then watched the kids play a game of super-sized kickball. It was a lot of fun!

On the way, Emily was practicing her sentences. It went something like this:
Emily: "Said. I said it is time to go to bed."
Me: "Aw, man, I don't want to go to bed!"
Emily: "No, I was just saying 'I SAID it was time to go to bed."
Me: "Well, okay, I guess I'll go to bed."
Emily: "You can't go to bed! You're driving!"
Me: "Can't YOU drive?"
Emily: "NO!"
Me: "Why not?"
Emily: "Because I'll drive all over the place and crash into things. Then, we'll BOTH go to jail because it will be your fault for sleeping!"

Doncha just love kids?

After I told Shan that story at the church, she said Tyler asked her about Ride-Away. I looked at her, puzzled. She said that when she pulled up to the stop sign, there was another car there. Tyler said, "Don't you have ride-away?" Shan thought for just a second before asking him, "You mean Right-of-way?" Tyler said, "Yeah, that."

Doncha just live kids?

I'll be posting my thoughts on Idol later (though this entry will eventually appear AFTER that one, but what the hey....)

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