Mar 25, 2008

THIS is Ah-MER-ican Idol

Welcome to another edition of our American Idol Yea's and Nay's!

---- Name -------- Shan ----- Dave -----
Ramiele ------------ ? -------- N ------
Jason -------------- ? -------- N ------
Syesha ------------- Y -------- Y ------
Chikezie ----------- Y -------- Y ------
Brooke ------------- Y -------- Y ------
Michael ------------ Y -------- N ------
Carly -------------- Y -------- Y ------
David A ------------ ? -------- N ------
Christy ------------ Y -------- Y ------
David C ------------ Y -------- N ------

Ramiele - "Alone" - I think they call that screaming, not singing loudly. I thought she was flat, but that's just me. Sick or not, you have GOT to perform well. She didn't. Send her home.

Jason - "Fragile" - Shan says she can't vote NO on his birthday. We'll see... LOL... I'm voting no. If I closed my eyes, this song would either put me to sleep or make me throw the radio across the room. UGH.

Syesha - "If I was your woman" - We finally have a singer in the house! She is very, VERY good! She has a shot at the whole thing. Fantastic! Snag it off iTunes for sure.

Chikezie - "If only for one night" - He has a great classic R&B voice. He is old school throwback, and it works perfectly. Shan is not as impressed, not as good as Syesha (I agree with the last part). Download it.

Brooke - "Every breath you take" - Hey, will she beat-box it like Blake did last year? Probably not... She had a rough a start. I liked her take on the song, but it was not as strong as some of her other songs. Download-worthy for sure.

Michael - "We will rock you/We are the Champions" - This is not working for me at all. This is like some drunk guy at the front of the bar while his favorite team just won the world series. I say no, Shan says yes. We are pretty sure this is first time Shan agreed with the judges (at least up to where Simon said it was the only memorable performance).

Carly - "Total Eclipse of the heart" - Great song choice. Man, she really rocked this one! I really liked her performance here. I liked the fact that you could hear a little bit of her accent in the song. The last note was kinda rough, though. May be worth checking out the full version, we'll see...

David A - "You're the voice" - Ouch. Not a good choice. I just don't think he has a strong enough voice to last much longer in this competition. He might get the 'cute' vote, I guess from the girls, but dawg, this sucked for me.

Christy - "God Bless the USA" - I was afraid she would botch this, but I actually like her rendition of the song. I think it could actually do pretty well on the radio with today's "kids." Well done! I may actually download this one.

David C - "Billy Jean" - He gets bonus points for the pouty baby picture alone - hilarious! I have never heard of this version of the song. This is like William Shatner doing Michael Jackson. What the heck!? The chorus picks up a little, but the song never goes anywhere... Let's just hope he doesn't start moonwalking... UGH. He killed it. In a bad way. I admit, my problem is that I didn't like that version of the song, so I am biased against the singer. Sue me.

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  1. I was thinking about you when David did Billie Jean. I KNEW that YOU wouldn't like it.