Mar 12, 2008

Titles and Idols

Since my boss sent the word out to all the employees at work, I figured it would be okay to post something about upcoming changes at work...

Last week, my boss let John and I know that she was going to recommend that he and I swap job titles and responsibilities. He would become the Distance Learning Coordinator and I would be the Technology Coordinator. This was something out of the blue, though she had mentioned before then as "something she was thinking about" so, technically, I guess I had "an inkling" that this may be coming.

John and I spent a lot of time talking about the changes, and about the LACK of changes. In truth, he and I work in both roles pretty often. We basically step in when the other is out or needs help with something. In our eyes, this is a straight lateral move. Well, "move" isn't even the right word. I mean, the way we see a lot of the things we do, it is something more of a swapping of titles than anything. I'm sure the reality of things will become clearer as time goes on and as we are given assignments in our new roles. We were told sometime after lunch on Wednesday that the Board had approved several things, and that the job switch was one of them.

I don't know when it becomes effective, but I am assuming July 1 (since that is when our contracts are up). The more I think about it, the more excited I get about it. I was the Technology Coordinator for South Central Co-op for many years before taking the DL position at Hope, and I am nervous and excited to be serving in that role again. Our Director hopes the change will give some new perspectives on our respective programs, and at the same time, help our co-op better serve the schools in our service area.

John and I hope she's right, or we may be doing this again a few years down the road. LOL!

Here's what we thought about Idol tonight:

Tyler says David A looks like a monkey. I don't see it... LOL. Tyler's quick eye noticed Sanjaya and his sister right after the opening act.

Carly ----- Safe - Great choice
Michael --- Safe - Okay
Jason ----- Safe - Bummer
Syesha ---- Bottom 3 (we disagree)
Chikezie - Safe - Excellent choice
Amanda ---- Safe - Excellent Choice
David C --- Safe - Bummer
Kristy ---- Bottom 3 (overall, I disagree, but last night was bad)
David A --- Safe - I disagree, but not surprised
Brooke ---- Safe - Good choice
Ramiele --- Safe - Okay choice
David H --- Bottom 3 (Thank the Lord!)

There should have been ALL GUYS in the bottom three. Well, okay, two of them should have been bottom three. How two girls ended up in the bottom three is beyond me. Most of the guys suck this year. Oh well, leave it to America...

I am glad Syesha did not get voted off. WAHOO! Holy friggin cow, Kristy is SAFE!? Man, that was L-U-C-K-Y! I am so glad David is outta here! Shan said she actually liked his performance last night. Excellent choice, voting America!


  1. I really didn't know which "you" I needed to talk to today;You with the new title that is John's old title or you that had the old title that is John's new title. LOL!

    Glad David H is gone from Idol! Yea!

  2. I spotted Sanjie, too! I thought they would have acknowledged him on air, bu never did......