Mar 7, 2008

The snow finally came to town

Thursday night, local weathermen all cried, "SNOW!" And, for much of the state, they were right. For those of us east of I-30, however, it was something of a cruel trick. It seems Mother Nature decided to stop the snow front dead in its tracks along the I-30 corridor.

But, as I got to work this morning, it had begun to snow. And then it snowed some more. And more, and more... By 9:30 this morning, there was snow covering everything but the roads. The local schools started letting kids out early, and the Co-op where I worked closed by noon. Shan and the kids were let out at 1:00.

On the way home from work, I snapped a few pics with my phone's camera:

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  1. You would think these pics were in black and white, but you can see the yellow line in the middle of the road in the one shot. Amazing!