Mar 3, 2008

Pushing Forward

Yes, it is coming up on that time again... On March 9 at 2am, those of us cursed with DST will be pushing the clock forward, resulting in the 'loss' of an hour's sleep. Frankly, DST should be abolished, as it is truly not needed anymore. Instead of moving the clocks around, people that "need" DST should wake up earlier, or later, or whatever it is DST is supposed to provide. Perhaps I just don't understand why we "need" it. Is it because a bulk of people in the US decided it was easier to make the world revolve around our own time schedule rather than get their butts out of bed an hour earlier, or later, or whatever?

No matter the reason, DST is here, and we have to live with it... So, on March 9 at 2am, remember to push your clock ahead to 3am...

1 comment:

  1. DST actually came about as a way to conserve energy. Back in the day, the powers that be thought that if it were light longer in the evening, we wouldn't need to turn the lights on so early.