Mar 9, 2008

Movie Weekend

This weekend, we had something of a movie weekend. Shan and I watched "Premonition" and "No Reservations." Tyler and I watched "Men in Black II." Emily and Shan's Mom watched "Bratz - Super Babies," "Underdog," and "Air Buddies." Shan, Emily, and Shan's Mom watched "Are We Done Yet?"
"No Reservations" was not anywhere near as FUNNY as I thought the commercials showed it to be. It is much more heartfelt and tear-jerking than I would have guessed. I recommend you keep a box of Kleenex nearby when you watch this one. Even though this was about the two adults, the actual story seemed to be much more about the little girl who loses her mother at the beginning of the movie. It is a very moving movie, and I whole-heartedly recommend it.

"Premonition" was not what I thought it would be either. Shan got it because she knows I like psychological thrillers. There was not really any "thriller" to this movie, though the psychological part TRIED to be there. At one point, I said something like, "Groundhog Day, much?" Sandra Bullock plays a housewife who is given the news that her husband died at the beginning of the movie. The rest of the movie is watching her go back and forth in time (like "Groundhog Day," she wakes up each day and things are not right). Unlike "Groundhog," this movie actually changes which DAY it is when she wakes up. The viewer rides along, trying to figure out which day it is, what happens that day versus other days, and trying to make sense of things. Basically, the puzzle unfolds as Sandra's character has this 'premonition.' It's a little weird. But, rather than the "Hollywood" ending, having this 'premonition' does not change what happens.

The biggest 'oops' in the movie is the beginning - when Sandra tells her daughters about their Daddy dying, the oldest child does have stitches, yet later in the movie we know that she had run through a glass door the day before the accident...

If you have the ability to forget you ever saw "Groundhog Day" and believe that none of the characters in the movie have ever heard of people having premonitions before, then I'd recommend watching it. After all, watching someone lose their ever-loving mind through a series of mixed up days can be entertaining.

The Gag Reel in the bonus features was absolutely hilarious! Be sure to check those out...

Sidebar: Exactly one week before 9/11, I had a dream in which I was falling in what seemed to be a sea of cement, only to be buried in it. I was fighting and screaming trying to get out of it, and I could not escape. It was so real that I was finally awakened by own screaming, as Tyler and Shan were standing in the office doorway, scared to death by my screaming out loud. When I finally came to, I burst into tears, unable to explain what I had just experienced. One week later, the twin towers fell to the ground. Premonition? Who knows....

Tyler and I watched MIB2. I had seen it when it first came out on video or DVD, but had long since forgotten about it. After watching it, I can see why. Now, I will say, it was a lot more fun watching it with Tyler than watching it by myself, and that actually saved it from being ceremoniously ejected from the DVD player.

MIB was a great movie with lots of gags. MIB2 uses many of the same gags with the same characters, and it just came off as stupid to me. Like I said, because I was watching it with my son, and he is a HUGE Will Smith fan, that was worth the time spent. So, if you feel like you need to watch this movie, be sure you watch it with other people...


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