Mar 3, 2008

A peek inside

Here is a 5-10 minute peek inside my brain (this all happened between 11:15-11:25 this morning at work):

While looking up info sent to me about unlocking a protected word document, that led to a search on radar detectors. That, of course, led me to radar detector detectors (rdd) (the spectre iv). In the mean time, I had answered the email about unlocking word documents to which a reply was sent about fake backyard security (large dented bowl and large chain attached to tree). As I looked that up, I came across an article about dvd-sniffing dogs.

At the same time all of that was going on, I was looking up info on:
clonezilla not restoring to ide drives (turns out image had been based on sata drives)
xpath programming so that a sharepoint user could return tomorrow's date
doodle4google contest where kids can design new logos for google
video conference for hope (Nicaraguan children)
posting news article to portal about three Spanish students that won a state contest

Oh, and I answered one phone call about setting up a document workspace in sharepoint and another call about recording a distance learning class to tape.

Ah, while this was going on, it was pouring down rain as a storm was barreling through the area, which is also supposed to bring 1-2 inches of snow with it.

Frankly, I was ready for lunch.

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