Oct 4, 2007

Tribe Spanks Yanks!

'Nuff Said!

I always have reservations when I am asked to present to my peers. And, today, I had to present. I really don't know why I have a bit of reluctance, after all, I usually know what I'm talking about when I present. I think it is the fear that just how much I *don't* know will be made evident... :-) Well, this was all about Sharepoint and adding content, customizing pages, etc. There was one question I could not answer (and I'll have to ask the group what it was, because I have forgotten it now), but it was a good question and I want to find the answer!

The group seemed to really love what they learned. Though they have been using the distance learning portal for some time, they did not necessarily feel the "ownership" factor, I think. Today, they were given sites that THEY had control over - layouts, colors, content, everything was theirs - and they loved it! I think for the first time, I truly saw the power and potential of what we've been moving toward.

Next week, I will be training another group of folks on the same subject, and those that I taught today will be the hands-on helpers/tech support. I hope the group of teachers gets as excited at the group of distance learning coordinators! :-)

Okay, who am I kidding? The Indians opened up one serious can of whoop-a$$ on the Yankees! When the first Yankee batter got up and smacked a homer, I was worried. Then, the Indians took the lead, and never looked back. 12 to 3? Sounds like a football score! The Tribe were ON tonight, and I am so happy that they came out and kicked butt!! And, I have GOT to get one of those "It's Tribe Time Now!" towels!

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